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Congratulations to everyone who got their fic in, and good luck to all still working.

I will shortly default all participants who do not have an extension and who have not submitted a fic. Pinch hits will go out after that.

Meanwhile, if you have time for a treat, all requests are here.

Mods can be reached at the following email:
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Thanks for your patience, and thanks to the people we contacted about their sign-ups for working with us on matching. Assignments have been sent. You can find them by logging in to AO3 or by checking the email associated with your AO3 account.

If you have a question about your assignment, please don't ask your recipient - instead, please send it to If the question is 'could my recipient please finish their letter', we will not pass it on until July 20, as we suggested people finish their letters by July 19.

Your assignment is due at 11:59pm on September 4 (Central time, USA/Canada).

The following pinch hits are also due at 11:59pm CDT, September 4. Please comment with your AO3 name & email, or email with your AO3 name, if you can take any of them on! Thank you.





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Tags for Viewing and Checking

We are almost at sign-ups! I am excited.

Outstanding question
In Chronicles of Narnia, the tag "AU: Caspian & Eustace & Jill visit Bism" has been nominated. Could the nominator please confirm if they meant this character group, or if they meant Rilian instead of Caspian? Rilian is the character imprisoned by the Lady of the Green Kirtle in The Silver Chair; Caspian is his sea-voyaging father.

New question - Answered, thank you!
In Person of Interest, the tag "AU: No Machine AU: ISA Agent Shaw meets Samaritan Operative Ms Groves (Person of Interest)" looks like two tags accidentally entered together - could the nominator please confirm this is meant to be only 1 tag?

Please continue to check the tag set! It is very much appreciated. Now you can check it in a hopefully-more-legible table, below. (Please let us know if you notice a difference between the table and the tag set.)

List of fandoms )

Tags by fandom )

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Nominations will close at 11:59pm CST on 1 July. (Countdown)

Here is how to nominate, and here is where to nominate.

  • Shadowhunters nominator, could you please help us with the following tag: "AU: 2x03 True love's kiss awakens Alec Malec accidental soulbond + parabatai (Shadowhunters)" - is this two separate AUs?

  • Each fandom needs at least 1 character or relationship and 2 AU tags nominated. Fandoms that don't have this will be removed from the tag set.

  • We will not approve 'Original Characters' as a character tag, sorry. We will approve 'Original Characters' as a character tag in a canon if they are appropriate to an AU tag nominated in that canon.


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