Jul. 5th, 2017

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Hey, everyone!

Sign ups are OPEN!

Here is what the Sign-up form looks like!

Sign-up details:
  • Requests: 3-10 fandoms, 1-20 characters per fandom, 2-20 AUs per fandom
  • Offers: 4-10 fandoms, 1-20 characters per fandom, 2-20 AUs per fandom

  1. Fandom - Choose your fandom!

  2. Characters: This is for characters/relationships. Select at least 1 character or relationship from the tag set.

  3. Relationships: This is where you select your Alternate Universe tags!

  4. Prompt url: Link your letter/prompts here if you have it! Optional.

  5. Prompts: If you have any Do Not Wants, please put them here. We will only enforce what's in the sign up itself. This section can also be used to provide prompts and ideas to your author and will be made visible to everyone. Optional.

You must request a minimum of 3 unique fandoms and offer a minimum of 4 unique fandoms, but you may duplicate fandoms to get specific AU/Character combinations.

Because you will match on at least 1 character/relationship AND 1 AU tag, please be careful to select tags that complement each other. If you ask for a character from the dawn of time + two far-future AU ideas, your writer may get a bit stuck.


Dates and Times in Central/CST:

Nomination Period: June 22nd, Thursday to July 1st, Saturday 11:59pm
Sign Ups: July 5th, Wednesday to July 16th, Sunday 11:59 pm
Assignments out by: July 19th, Wednesday
Deadline: September 4th, Monday 11:59 pm
Archive Goes Live: Sept 10th, Sunday [no earlier than 8:59 am, may be later]
Anon Period Ends: Sept 17th, Sunday [no earlier than 8:59 am, may be later]

Note: If no one is requesting the things you're offering, making you unmatchable, we may contact you to modify your offers. Keep an eye on your email!

Reminder that if you have any problems, please email us at AUex@fandom.exchange
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Tags for Viewing and Checking

We are almost at sign-ups! I am excited.

Outstanding question
In Chronicles of Narnia, the tag "AU: Caspian & Eustace & Jill visit Bism" has been nominated. Could the nominator please confirm if they meant this character group, or if they meant Rilian instead of Caspian? Rilian is the character imprisoned by the Lady of the Green Kirtle in The Silver Chair; Caspian is his sea-voyaging father.

New question - Answered, thank you!
In Person of Interest, the tag "AU: No Machine AU: ISA Agent Shaw meets Samaritan Operative Ms Groves (Person of Interest)" looks like two tags accidentally entered together - could the nominator please confirm this is meant to be only 1 tag?

Please continue to check the tag set! It is very much appreciated. Now you can check it in a hopefully-more-legible table, below. (Please let us know if you notice a difference between the table and the tag set.)

List of fandoms )

Tags by fandom )

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This is the letters post! Here is the sign-up post and here is the DW table of tags.

Letters are optional! They are messages to your writer that cover what you like or dislike in a story and allow you to expand on your prompts.

You can choose to:
  • write no letter, and put in the requests section of the sign-up form all the information you think is necessary (whether or not this includes optional details);

  • write a letter and link it in each of your requests, leaving the optional details blank;

  • write optional details for your requests in the sign-up form, AND link a letter for each of your requests.

It's up to you! But before writing a letter, please consider: are you likely to complete it by July 19th? If not, maybe don't write a letter.

If you write a letter, please comment to this post with the following information:

In your letter itself, please include your AO3 name, your requested fandoms, your requested characters and relationships, and your requested AU tags.

Your writer will create a gift for you that includes, at minimum, 1 fandom, 1 character/relationship, and 1 AU tag, each from 1 of your requests! The combinations they have offered may not be the ones you are expecting - please keep an open mind about your eventual gift and be aware that your writer may take your letter as a starting point rather than an end point. When choosing your characters and AUs, please consider all the ways they can be combined and whether you could get a combination you would definitely NOT like.

What else might you put in a letter?
-Your thoughts on the AU tags. Many are open to interpretation. Tags are short - prompts can be long!
-Your thoughts on the characters and relationships. For example, if asking for a non-canon pairing, how do you like the canon partner(s) to be treated? How do you feel about background characters and relationships?
-Do Not Wants. We will not enforce them unless they are also in your sign-up form, but it may help to have the information clearly visible for your assigned writer or a potential treat writer.
-General likes!
-General dislikes!
-General thoughts on canon(s)
-Useful things you have seen in other people’s letters.

Please aim to complete your letter on or before July 19th.


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