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Tags for Viewing and Checking

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Outstanding question
In Chronicles of Narnia, the tag "AU: Caspian & Eustace & Jill visit Bism" has been nominated. Could the nominator please confirm if they meant this character group, or if they meant Rilian instead of Caspian? Rilian is the character imprisoned by the Lady of the Green Kirtle in The Silver Chair; Caspian is his sea-voyaging father.

New question - Answered, thank you!
In Person of Interest, the tag "AU: No Machine AU: ISA Agent Shaw meets Samaritan Operative Ms Groves (Person of Interest)" looks like two tags accidentally entered together - could the nominator please confirm this is meant to be only 1 tag?

Please continue to check the tag set! It is very much appreciated. Now you can check it in a hopefully-more-legible table, below. (Please let us know if you notice a difference between the table and the tag set.)

List of fandoms (click to see their tags)
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12 Dancing Princesses (Fairy Tale)
7 Seeds
ACCA13区監察課 | ACCA 13-ku Kansatsuka
The Adventure Zone (Podcast)
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension (1984)
Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
Allstate Insurance "Mayhem" Commercials
And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie (book)
Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery
Anne with an E (TV)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Babylon 5
Battle Creek (TV)
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
The Big Bang Theory (TV)
Black Sails
Bravely Default (Video Game) & Related Fandoms
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)
Buffy and Angel
Burn Notice
Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
Charmed (TV)
Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
The Chronicles of Riddick Series
Chronicles of the Kencyrath - P. C. Hodgell
The Course Of Honour - Avoliot
Dark Angel
Dark Matter (TV)
DC Cinematic Universe
DC Comics
DC TV (Arrowverse)
Dragon Age (Video Games)
The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
due South
The Edge (1997)
Elysium (2013)
The Expanse (TV)
Flight of the Intruder (1991)
Frozen (2013)
Fushigi Yuugi
G.I. Joe (Cartoon)
Gilmore Girls
Gold Diggers (1995)
Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
Greek and Roman Mythology
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones
Humans (TV)
Invincible (Comics)
James Bond (Movies)
Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)
Jem and the Holograms (Cartoon)
Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
Legend of the Seeker
The Legend of Zelda & Related Fandoms
Lethal Weapon (TV)
Little Witch Academia
Little Women Series - Louisa May Alcott
Love Live! Sunshine!!
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
Marco Polo (TV)
Marvel Comics
Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Effect: Andromeda
MCU and TV
Merlin (TV)
Middle-earth Book Canon
The Mummy Series
The Mysteries of Udolpho - Ann Radcliffe
Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Nature of the Beast (1995)
No Escape (1994)
Once Upon a Time (TV)
Orphan Black (TV)
Ouran High School Host Club - All Media Types
Paranoia (Roleplaying Game)
Person of Interest (TV)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies)
Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
The Pretender (TV)
Pretty Little Liars
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Reba (TV)
Red Dwarf
Red vs. Blue
A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic)
Revolution (TV)
Riptide (TV)
Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Rizzoli & Isles (TV)
Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare
Sanctuary (TV)
Sense8 (TV)
Shadowhunters (TV)
She-Ra: Princess Of Power
Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Spartacus Series (TV)
Stand Still Stay Silent
Star Trek - Alternate Timeline
Star Trek - Original Timeline
Star Trek: Rihannsu
Star Wars - Canon
Stargate - All Media Types
Steven Universe (Cartoon)
The Storyteller (TV)
Teen Wolf (TV)
Temeraire - Naomi Novik
Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis
That '70s Show
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Tiger & Bunny
Tokyo Babylon
The Tudors (TV)
Undertale (Video Game)
Veronica Mars (TV)
Vikings (TV)
Voltron: Legendary Defender
Voyná i mir | War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy
Warcraft (2016)
Warehouse 13
The West Wing
Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
Wolf 359 (Radio)
Women's Murder Club (TV)
World of Warcraft
World Wrestling Entertainment
X -エックス- | X/1999
The X-Files
X-Men/Deadpool Movie Franchise
X-Men: The Animated Series
Xena: Warrior Princess
Year in Hereafter (Webcomic)
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
サムライフラメンコ | Samurai Flamenco
弱虫ペダル | Yowamushi Pedal
惡戰 | Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (2014)
魔法少女育成計画 | Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime)
魔警 | That Demon Within (2014)
龍が如く | Ryuu ga Gotoku | Yakuza (Video Games)
무적자 | A Better Tomorrow (2010)

Warning: there are a lot of spoilers in this table! Read with care.

Fandoms Characters & Relationships Alternate Universe Ideas
12 Dancing Princesses (Fairy Tale)
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The Princesses (12 Dancing Princesses)
The Underground Princes (12 Dancing Princesses)
AU: Genderswap (12 Dancing Princesses)
AU: In SPAAACE (12 Dancing Princesses)
AU: Japanese retelling (12 Dancing Princesses)
AU: Narnia fusion (12 Dancing Princesses)
AU: The dancing is the King's way of getting royal sacrifices (12 Dancing Princesses)
AU: The Underground Princes are trying to save the Princesses by dancing (12 Dancing Princesses)
7 Seeds
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Relationship: Aramaki Takahiro/Samejima Fubuki/Kagurazaka Mitsuru (7 Seeds)
Relationship: Mayu & Koruri (7 Seeds)
Relationship: Shishigaki Ran/Nijiko (7 Seeds)
Relationship: Sugerono Hana & Taiami Chisa & Amacha Fujiko (7 Seeds)
Relationship: Sugerono Hana/Iwashimizu Natsu/Asai Semimaru/Aota Arashi (7 Seeds)
AU: Fubuki & Mitsuru Survive (7 Seeds)
AU: Mayu Lives (7 Seeds)
AU: Raksura Fusion (7 Seeds)
AU: Sedoretu (7 Seeds)
AU: Starfleet (7 Seeds)
AU: Young Wizards Fusion (7 Seeds)
ACCA13区監察課 | ACCA 13-ku Kansatsuka
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Jean Otus (ACCA13)
Lotta Otus (ACCA13)
Relationship: Jean Otus & Lotta Otus & Schwan (ACCA13)
Relationship: Jean Otus & Lotta Otus (ACCA13)
Relationship: Lotta Otus/Mauve (ACCA13)
Schwan (ACCA13)
AU: Daemons (ACCA 13)
AU: Dowa Kingdom is a bakery franchise going through a business succession crisis (ACCA13)
AU: Falke II takes in Jean & Otus as royal wards & raises them alongside Schwan
AU: Lotta becomes Queen (ACCA13)
AU: The coup goes through & Jean becomes King (ACCA13)
AU: Whoever is destined to be King has the Royal Touch & that person is Jean (ACCA13)
The Adventure Zone (Podcast)
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Relationship: Angus & Taako & Merle Highchurch & Magnus Burnsides (The Adventure Zone)
Relationship: Julia Burnsides & Lup & Hekuba Highchurch (The Adventure Zone)
Relationship: Julia Burnsides (The Adventure Zone)
Relationship: Lup & Taako (The Adventure Zone)
Relationship: Sloane/Hurley (The Adventure Zone)
Relationship: Taako & Merle Highchurch & Magnus Burnsides (The Adventure Zone)
AU: Angus Was Part of IPRE (The Adventure Zone)
AU: Julia Does Not Die in Raven's Roost (The Adventure Zone)
AU: Lup Survives Her Canonical Death (The Adventure Zone)
AU: Modern Setting (The Adventure Zone)
AU: Sloane and Hurley Survive At End of Petals to the Metal (The Adventure Zone)
AU: Tres Horny Gals - Julia Lup and Hekuba (The Adventure Zone)
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension (1984)
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Relationship: Rawhide/Buckaroo Banzai (Buckaroo Banzai) AU: Rawhide is brought back to life after dying (Buckaroo Banzai)
AU: Rawhide is never hurt in the first place (Buckaroo Banzai)
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Airwolf Helicopter (Airwolf)
Charles Henry Moffett (Airwolf)
Relationship: Archangel & Stringfellow Hawke & Caitlin O'Shannessy & Dominic Santini (Airwolf)
Relationship: Stringfellow Hawke & Saint John Hawke (Airwolf)
AU: Hawke only thinks he killed Moffett (Airwolf)
AU: in space (Airwolf)
AU: Stargate Atlantis fusion (Airwolf)
AU: String finds his brother but St John has turned evil (Airwolf)
AU: The helicopter is an artificial intellegence (Airwolf)
Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn
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Seiryuu Ao (Akatsuki no Yona)
Abi (Akatsuki no Yona)
Garou (Akatsuki no Yona)
Guen (Akatsuki no Yona)
Jae-Ha (Akatsuki no Yona)
Kija (Akatsuki no Yona)
An Lili (Akatsuki no Yona)
Shin-Ah (Akatsuki no Yona)
Shu-Ten (Akatsuki no Yona)
Soo-Won (Akatsuki no Yona)
Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)
Zeno (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Another dragon came to earth instead of Red Dragon (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Coup different; Soo-won with Yona's party (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: First & Current Generation Dragon(s) Switched (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: harem (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Jae-ha or Kija or Shin-ah leaves their village differently (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Joseon Period Korea (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Raksura Fusion (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Sedoretu AU (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Shapeshifting Dragons (Including Yona) (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Yona can communicate with the ghosts of the first generation (Akatsuki no Yona)
AU: Yona is born ten years earlier (Akatsuki no Yona)
Allstate Insurance "Mayhem" Commercials
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Mayhem (Allstate Insurance) AU: In Space (Allstate Insurance)
AU: Mayhem's a cop (Allstate Insurance)
AU: Star Trek - Ensign Mayhem wears a red shirt (Allstate Insurance)
And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie (book)
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Emily Brent (And Then There Were None)
Lawrence Wargrave (And Then There Were None)
Philip Lombard (And Then There Were None)
Relationship: Philip Lombard/Vera Claythorne (And Then There Were None)
William Blore (And Then There Were None)
Vera Claythorne (And Then There Were None)
AU: Emily Brent is Miss U.N. Owen (And Then There Were None)
AU: Hercule Poirot is involved (And Then There Were None)
AU: Miss Marple is involved (And Then There Were None)
AU: One person is a mistake (And Then There Were None)
AU: Reality TV show (And Then There Were None)
AU: Regency House Party (And Then There Were None)
Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery
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Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)
Faith Meredith (Anne of Green Gables)
Matthew Cuthbert (Anne of Green Gables)
Relationship: Walter Blythe/Una Meredith (Anne of Green Gables)
Ruby Gillis (Anne of Green Gables)
Walter Blythe (Anne of Green Gables)
AU: Fairy Tale Retelling (Anne of Green Gables)
AU: Hunger Games (Anne of Green Gables)
AU: Matthew Cuthbert does not die in Book 1 (Anne of Green Gables)
AU: Murder Mystery (Anne of Green Gables)
AU: Ruby Gillis does not die of consumption (Anne of Green Gables)
AU: Walter does not die in WW1 (Anne of Green Gables)
Anne with an E (TV)
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Relationship: Anne Shirley/Gilbert Blythe (Anne with an E) AU: After s1 Gilbert returns from sailing when everyone's at marriagable ages (Anne with an E)
AU: Anne never leaves school in 1x03 (Anne with an E)
AU: Gilbert's dad doesn't die (Anne with an E)
AU: Pre-series Mr. Phillips creates a penpal assignment writing to an orphan (Anne with an E)
Avatar: The Last Airbender
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Aang (A:TLA)
Relationship: Aang & Katara & Sokka & Zuko & Toph Bei Fong (A:TLA)
Relationship: Aang/Katara/Zuko (A:TLA)
Relationship: Iroh & Lu Ten (A:TLA)
Relationship: Zuko & Iroh (A:TLA)
Relationship: Zuko & Katara & Azula & Ty Lee & Mai (A:TLA)
Toph Bei Fong (A:TLA)
Ursa (A:TLA)
Zuko (A:TLA)
AU: Aang is discovered too late but the Gaang+Zuko mount a rebellion (A:TLA)
AU: Katara is captured by the Fire Nation at the end of Book 2 (A:TLA)
AU: Lu Ten Did Not Die During the Siege of Ba Sing Se (A:TLA)
AU: Other Airbenders Survived The Purge Besides Aang (A:TLA)
AU: Space Setting (A:TLA)
AU: the Gaang captures Zuko (A:TLA)
AU: The Gaang is a Rock Band (A:TLA)
AU: Toph Bei Fong Is the Avatar (A:TLA)
AU: Ursa doesn't leave (A:TLA)
AU: Zuko Is a Non-bender (A:TLA)
Babylon 5
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Alfred Bester (Babylon 5)
Michael Garibaldi (Babylon 5)
Relationship: Alfred Bester/Michael Garibaldi (Babylon 5)
Relationship: Alfred Bester/Michael Garibaldi/Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5)
Relationship: Alfred Bester/Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5)
Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5)
AU: Bester is assigned permenantly to B5 before it splits offs (Babylon 5)
AU: Bester is leading an undercover revolution inside of PsiCorps and needs help (Babylon 5)
AU: Daemon AU (Babylon 5)
AU: Garibaldi and Bester became friends before the show starts (Babylon 5)
AU: Ivanova is an undercover PsiCorps spy (Babylon 5)
Battle Creek (TV)
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Relationship: Milt Chamberlain/Russ Agnew (Battle Creek) AU: Milt quits the FBI and meets Russ some other way (Battle Creek)
AU: Milt's past/reason for being who he is/backstory is different (Battle Creek)
AU: Russ and Holly never hook up (Battle Creek)
AU: Russ gets shot instead of Milt in the final episode (Battle Creek)
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
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Relationship: Kara Thrace/Leoben Conoy (BSG) AU: Kara and Leoben meet before the war (BSG)
AU: Kara is a Cylon (BSG)
AU: Kara's dad was a Cylon (BSG)
AU: Never left New Caprica (BSG)
AU: Reincarnation (BSG)
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
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Beast (Disney)
Belle (Disney)
AU: Beast Never Changes Back (Beauty and the Beast)
AU: Belle Is The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
AU: Girl Beast Girl Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
AU: Modern (Beauty and the Beast)
AU: Shrek It Beauty Becomes A Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
AU: Soulmate (Beauty and the Beast)
The Big Bang Theory (TV)
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Relationship: Leonard & Raj & Sheldon & Howard & Penny (TBBT)
Relationship: Sheldon Cooper & Penny (TBBT)
Relationship: Sheldon Cooper/Amy Farrah Fowler (TBBT)
Sheldon Cooper (TBBT)
AU: Alien invasion (TBBT)
AU: In Space (TBBT)
AU: Stargate Atlantis fusion (TBBT)
AU: The time machine "prop" they buy turns out to be a real time machine (TBBT)
AU: They learn Penny is as smart as the guys but poorly educated (TBBT)
AU: Zombies (TBBT)
Black Sails
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Miranda Barlow (Black Sails)
Relationship: Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton (Black Sails)
Relationship: Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton/Miranda Barlow (Black Sails)
Relationship: Max/Anne Bonny (Black Sails)
Thomas Hamilton (Black Sails)
AU: Black Sails IN SPACE (Black Sails)
AU: Flint succeeds in starting a revolution and defeating Britain now what (Black Sails)
AU: in which they take over the world (Black Sails)
AU: Max and Anne get together early and fix everything (Black Sails)
AU: they rescue Thomas from the asylum first (Black Sails)
AU: Thomas meets the Pirate King of Nassau (Black Sails)
Bravely Default (Video Game) & Related Fandoms
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Relationship: Agnès Oblige/Magnolia Arch (Bravely Default)
Relationship: Edea Lee/Agnès Oblige (Bravely Default)
Relationship: Janne Angard/Yew Geneolgia (Bravely Default)
Relationship: Magnolia Arch/Edea Lee (Bravely Default)
Relationship: Tiz Arrior/Ringabel (Bravely Default)
AU: Edea is kidnapped instead of Agnès (Bravely Default)
AU: Edea is the one who accidentally proposes to Magnolia (Bravely Default)
AU: Magical Girls (Bravely Default)
AU: Merpeople (Bravely Default)
AU: Shapeshifting (Bravely Default)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV)
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Relationship: Jake Peralta/Amy Santiago (Brooklyn 99)
Relationship: Raymond Holt & Jake Peralta (Brooklyn 99)
Relationship: Raymond Holt/Kevin Cozner (Brooklyn 99)
Relationship: Rosa Diaz & Amy Santiago & Gina Linetti (Brooklyn 99)
Relationship: Terry Jeffords & Gina Linetti (Brooklyn 99)
Relationship: The 99 (Brooklyn 99)
AU: The 99 are Amusement Park Employees (Brooklyn 99)
AU: The 99 is a Criminal Gang (Brooklyn 99)
AU: The 99 is a Space Police Force (Brooklyn 99)
AU: The 99 is a Superhero Team (Brooklyn 99)
AU: The 99 is a Victorian Detective Agency (Brooklyn 99)
AU: The Entire 99 Goes into Witness Protection (Brooklyn 99)
Buffy and Angel
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Faith Lehane (Buffy and Angel)
Kendra Young (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Buffy Summers & Rupert Giles (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Buffy Summers/Kendra Young (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Drusilla & Kendra Young (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Faith and Angel & Wesley & Gunn & Fred & Lorne (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Faith Lehane & Gunn (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Faith Lehane/Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (Buffy and Angel)
Relationship: Jenny Calendar/Rupert Giles (Buffy and Angel)
Rupert Giles (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Angel Season Five Has Faith (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Buffy loses her powers after Kendra is called (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Giles is turned into a vampire (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Jenny isn't killed by Angelus (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Kendra is turned into a vampire by Drusilla (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Kendra isn't killed by Drusilla (Buffy and Angel)
AU: Slayers have telepathic/empathic bonds with their Watchers (Buffy and Angel)
Burn Notice
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Relationship: Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen (Burn Notice) - Character AU: Maddie Lives (Burn Notice)
AU: Mike and Fi Never Leave Ireland (Burn Notice)
AU: Nate Lives (Burn Notice)
Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat
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Relationship: Damen & Theomedes (Captive Prince)
Relationship: Damen/Laurent (Captive Prince)
Relationship: Laurent & Auguste (Captive Prince)
Relationship: Veretian Council (Captive Prince)
AU: Damen travels back in time to before Kastor's coup (Captive Prince)
AU: Everybody was Always A Girl (Captive Prince)
AU: Kastor's coup only targets Damen (Captive Prince)
AU: Laurent suffers temporary amnesia post-canon (Captive Prince)
AU: Slave revolt (Captive Prince)
AU: Time travel to before Battle of Marlas (Captive Prince)
AU: Veretian nobles prefer a republic to Laurent (Captive Prince)
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Relationship: Richard Castle & Javier Esposito & Kevin Ryan & Kate Beckett (Castle)
Relationship: Richard Castle & Kate Beckett (Castle)
Relationship: Richard Castle/Kate Beckett (Castle)
AU: Castle is the cop and Kate is the writer (Castle)
AU: Castle's wild theory is true - the perp is a monster and/or alien (Castle)
AU: Stargate Atlantis (Castle)
Charmed (TV)
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Chris Halliwell (Charmed)
Leo Wyatt (Charmed)
Paige Matthews (Charmed)
Penelope Halliwell (Charmed)
Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed)
Piper Halliwell (Charmed)
AU: Chris' Identity Revealed In Different Ways (Charmed)
AU: Paige Was Never Given Up For Adoption (Charmed)
AU: Penny Didn't Die (Charmed)<
Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
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Edmund Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Lasaraleen (Narnia books)
Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Peter Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Prince Rabadash (Narnia books)
Relationship: Aravis & Hwin (Narnia books)
Relationship: Aravis & Lasaraleen (Narnia)
Relationship: Caspian & Prunaprismia (Narnia)
Relationship: Digory Kirke & Polly Plummer (Chronicles of Narnia)
Relationship: Edmund Pevensie & Lucy Pevensie & Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie
Relationship: Edmund Pevensie & Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Relationship: Eustace Scrubb & Jill Pole (Chronicles of Narnia)
Relationship: Peter Pevensie & Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Relationship: Prince Rabadash/Susan Pevensie (Narnia books)
Relationship: Queen Prunaprismia & Infant Son (Narnia books)
Relationship: Shasta | Cor & Corin (Narnia books)
Relationship: Susan Pevensie & Lasaraleen (Narnia)
Relationship: The Pevensie family (Chronicles of Narnia)
Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia)
Tirian (Narnia)
AU: Apocalypse never happened (Narnia)
AU: Bree & Shasta don't exist; Aravis & Hwin are the heroes (Narnia books)
AU: Caspian & Eustace & Jill visit Bism (Chronicles of Narnia)
AU: Daemons exist in our world but not the Narnian world (Chronicles of Narnia)
AU: Daemons exist in the Narnian world (Chronicles of Narnia)
AU: Escape from Tashbaan fails (Narnia)
AU: For the Pevensies time passes the same in Narnia as their world (Narnia books)
AU: Friends of Narnia can visit the Narnian world in their dreams (Chronicles of Narnia)
AU: Friends of Narnia live and use rings (Narnia books)
AU: Lasaraleen is secretly a member of the Tisroc's intelligence service (Narnia books)
AU: Narnian human visited England while alive (Narnia books)
AU: Narnian language isn't English anymore when Pevensies come (Narnia books)
AU: One or more of the Pevensies had children while in Narnia (Narnia books)
AU: Peter & Edmund survived the trainwreck (Chronicles of Narnia)
AU: Pevensie Parent(s) visit(s) Narnia (Narnia books)
AU: Prunaprismia and her infant son end up on a South Pacific island in 1941 (Narnia books)
AU: Prunaprismia and her son remain in Narnia (Narnia books)
AU: Rabadash attacks Cair Paravel rather than Anvard (Narnia books)
AU: Rabadash believes Susan has been kidnapped from Tashbaan (Narnia books)
AU: Shasta | Cor & Corin are doubles but not related (Narnia books)
AU: The Pevensies never leave Narnia the first time (Narnia books)
AU: The Pevensies return through the wardrobe as adults (Narnia books)
AU: The Pevensies' parents die while they're at Professor Kirke's (Narnia books)
AU: There was no magic from before the dawn of time (Narnia books)
The Chronicles of Riddick Series
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Relationship: Richard B. Riddick/Vaako
Relationship: Richard B. Riddick/Vaako/Dame Vaako
AU: Dame Vaako kills Zhylaw instead of Riddick (Riddick Series)
AU: Krone strands Vaako on Not-Furya with Riddick (Riddick Series)
AU: Vaako is cast out of the fleet and meets Riddick elsewhere (Riddick Series)
AU: Vaako kills Zhylaw instead of Riddick (Riddick Series)<
Chronicles of the Kencyrath - P. C. Hodgell
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Jamethiel Dream-Weaver
Jamethiel Priest's-bane of Knorth
Kindrie Soul-Walker of Knorth
Relationship: Aerulan of Knorth/Brenwyr of Brandan & Brant of Brandan (Kencyrath)
Relationship: Jamethiel Priest's-Bane & Torisen Black Lord & Kindrie Soul-Walker
Torisen Black Lord of Knorth
AU: Aerulan Lives (Kencyrath)
AU: Genderwap (Always-a-boy/girl) (Kencyrath)
AU: Jame kills Gerridon with the Ivory Knife (Kencyrath)
AU: Time travel that changes the past (Kencyrath)
The Course Of Honour - Avoliot
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Relationship: Kiem Tegnar & Ressid nav Adessari (Course of Honour)
Relationship: Kiem Tegnar/Jainan nav Adessari (Course of Honour)
AU: Kiem meets Jainan before Taam dies (Course of Honour)
AU: Ressid visits before the flybug accident (Course of Honour)
Dark Angel
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Relationship: Asha Barlow/Original Cindy (Dark Angel)
Relationship: Max Guevara/Alec McDowell (Dark Angel)
AU: Alec was genuinely helping Max escape Manticore (Dark Angel)
AU: Asha met Cindy before Logan (Dark Angel)
AU: Freak Nation never happened (Dark Angel)
AU: Logan never found out Max/Alec was fake (Dark Angel)
AU: no Pulse (Dark Angel)
AU: Sentinel/Guide (Dark Angel)
Dark Matter (TV)
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Relationship: Four | Ryo Tetsuda/Three | Marcus Boone (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Four | Ryo Tetsuda/Three | Marcus Boone/Two | Portia Lin (Dark Matter)
Relationship: One | Derrick Moss/Three | Marcus Boone (Dark Matter)
Relationship: One | Derrick Moss/Three | Marcus Boone/Two | Portia Lin (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Six | Kal Varrik/Three | Marcus Boone (Dark Matter)
Relationship: Three | Marcus Boone/Two | Portia Lin (Dark Matter)
AU: Fix-it: no one dies; no one leaves the Raza (Dark Matter)
AU: Ghost AU: One is a ghost hauting the Raza (Dark Matter)
AU: Presumed death: One comes back alive (Dark Matter)
AU: Pushing Daisies Fusion (Dark Matter)
DC Cinematic Universe
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Chato Santana (DCEU)
Diana (Wonder Woman) (DCEU)
Isabel Maru (DCEU)
Jason Todd (DCEU)
June Moone (DCEU)
Napi "Chief" (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/Arthur Curry (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/June Moone (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/Mera (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana Prince/Sameer (DCEU)
Relationship: Diana/Steve Trevor (DCEU)
Relationship: Rick Flag/June Moone (DCEU)
Tatsu Yamashiro (DCEU)
AU: Barry Allen saves Steve from explosion through time travel (DCEU)
AU: Captain Cold has been quietly married to Wonder Woman for years and never mentioned it (DCU)
AU: Captain Kirk from Star Trek is Steve reincarnated (DCEU)
AU: Chato is immortal (DCEU)
AU: Chato's family never died (DCEU)
AU: Diana & Bruce go to recruit Napi for Justice League (DCEU)
AU: Diana doesn't leave the island until the modern day (DCEU)
AU: Diana finds June before Waller does after she's possessed by the Enchantress (DCEU)
AU: Diana is from Atlantis instead of Themyscira (DCEU)
AU: Diana never stops being a superhero (DCEU)
AU: Enchantress is a force for good (DCEU)
AU: Joker killed Batman instead of Robin (DCEU)
AU: No Powers (DCEU)
AU: Origin swap (DCEU)
AU: Soulmates reincarnate and find each other (DCEU)
AU: Steampunk (DCEU)
AU: Steve survives plane explosion from abilities unknown to him before then (DCEU)
AU: Steve Trevor survives the events of the WW movie (DCEU)
AU: Suicide Squad Superhero AU (DCEU)
AU: The Enchantress wins and takes over the world (DCEU)
AU: Wonder Woman based on a mythology other than Greek (DCEU)
DC Comics
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Barry Allen (DC Comics)
Bruce Wayne | Batman (DC Comics)
Kara Zor-El (DC Comics)
Leonard Snart (DC Comics)
Mick Rory (DC Comics)
Relationship: Batman/Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
Relationship: Karen Starr & Helena Wayne (DC Comics)
Relationship: Karen Starr/Harleen Quinzel (DC Comics)
Relationship: Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)/Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) (DC Comics)
Relationship: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (DC Comics)
Relationship: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart/Barry Allen (DC Comics)
Sue Dibny (DC Comics)
AU: Barry Allen is cast out of the JLA and is adopted by the Rogues (DC Comics)
AU: Barry Allen's secret plan for defeating the evil League doppelgangers is the Rogues (DC Comics)
AU: Captain Cold starts dating Wonder Woman while working as Lex's employee (DC Comics)
AU: Fantasy AU (DC Comics)
AU: Heatwave is a hero Captain Cold is a villain but they're still best friends and more (DC Comics)
AU: Identity Crisis never happens (DC Comics)
AU: Kara is adopted by Bruce Wayne (DC Comics)
AU: Kara retains her memories of New 52 Superman (DC Comics)
AU: Magical Girl (DC Comics)
AU: PG and Huntress never return to Earth-2 (DC Comics)
AU: Power Girl never regains her memories and stays with Harley (DC Comics)
AU: Soulmate AU (DC Comics)
AU: Sue and Ralph Dibny Run A Detective Agency Instead Of Being Heroes (DC Comics)
AU: the Rogues defeat the Justice Lords and now run the world (DC Comics)
AU: Wonder Woman Protects Gotham Before Batman Becomes Batman (DC Comics)
DC TV (Arrowverse)
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Amaya Jiwe (Arrowverse)
Caitlin Snow (Arrowverse)
Kara Danvers (Arrowverse)
Kendra Saunders (Arrowverse)
Laurel Lance (Arrowverse)
Lena Luthor (Arrowverse)
Leonard Snart (Arrowverse)
Mick Rory (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Amaya Jiwe/Courtney Whitmore (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Barry Allan/Kara Danvers (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Kara Danvers/Laurel Lance (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Kendra Saunders/Ray Palmer (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Ray Palmer/Leonard Snart (LoT)
Relationship: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory (LoT)
Relationship: Ray Palmer/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart (LoT)
Relationship: Sara Lance/Felicity Smoake (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Sara Lance/Leonard Snart (Arrowverse)
Relationship: Slade Wilson/Shado Gulong (Arrowverse)
Thea Queen (Arrowverse)
AU: a technical mishap leads to the Waverider stranding on another Earth (Arrowverse)
AU: arranged marriage AU (Arrowverse)
AU: AU set in the same universe as Lauren Beukes' novel Zoo City (Arrowverse)
AU: Barry joins the Rogues after being rejected by the hero teams (Arrowverse)
AU: Caitlin doesn't turn into Killer Frost when using her powers (Arrowverse)
AU: Caitlin is a ghost (Arrowverse)
AU: centaur!Mick Rory (Arrowverse)
AU: cyberpunk world where the Rogues lead the resistance (Arrowverse)
AU: Dieselpunk (Arrowverse)
AU: dragon!au (Arrowverse)
AU: Felicity joined the Legends (Arrowverse)
AU: Gridlocked movie fusion (Arrowverse)
AU: Heatwave for President! (Arrowverse)
AU: Kara living in the world of the X-Men movies instead of Arrowverse (Arrowverse)
AU: Kara revealed herself as Supergirl differently (Arrowverse)
AU: Kendra isn't a reincarnation of Chay-Ara (Arrowverse)
AU: Kendra never leaves the Legends team (Arrowverse)
AU: Laurel is alive (Arrowverse)
AU: merpeople AU (Arrowverse)
AU: Mick and Len never met as kids (Arrowverse)
AU: Mick and Ray remain partners after ATOM suit recreated (Arrowverse)
AU: Mick not kicked off Waverider in S1 (Arrowverse)
AU: no Waverider/Mick robs Palmer Tech (Arrowverse)
AU: Ray gets stranded and becomes Chronos instead
AU: Shado doesn't die on Lian Yu (Arrowverse)
AU: stranded in history together (Arrowverse)
AU: Supergirl and The Flash take place in the same universe (Arrowverse)
AU: the legends bodyswap and Kendra lands in Mick's body - but keeps her wings (Arrowverse)
AU: The whole JSA ends up time-traveling with the Legends (Arrowverse)
AU: Thea was the one that spent five years on the island (Arrowverse)
AU: Underground resistance (Arrowverse)
AU: What if: the Legends were Superheroes with the obligatory Identity Porn
AU: Wild West (Arrowverse)
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Adelle DeWitt (Dollhouse)
Bennett Halverson (Dollhouse)
Laurence Dominic (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Adelle DeWitt/Echo (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Boyd Langton & Echo (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Boyd Langton/Claire Saunders (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Caroline Farrell/Bennett Halverson (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Echo/Alpha (Dollhouse)
Relationship: Whiskey/Alpha (Dollhouse)
AU: Adelle is an imprint (Dollhouse)
AU: Alpha doesn't leave in Epitaph 2 (Dollhouse)
AU: Bennett isn't injured/left behind while bombing Rossum (Dollhouse)
AU: Bennett isn't killed (Dollhouse)
AU: Boyd isn't the head of Rossum (Dollhouse)
AU: Dominic is sent on missions imprinted in a doll's body (Dollhouse)
AU: Dominic isn't caught as the spy (Dollhouse)
AU: Events of Epitaph 1&2 are an Attic nightmare (Dollhouse)
AU: Rossum puts everyone in the Attic (Dollhouse)
Dragon Age (Video Games)
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Female Hawke (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Cassandra Pentaghast/Varric Tethras (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Female Hawke/Fenris (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Female Inquisitor/Cullen Rutherford (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Female Inquisitor/Iron Bull (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Female Warden/Alistair (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Male Forgotten One/Solas (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Male Lavellan/Solas (Dragon Age)
Relationship: Solas/Female Lavellan (Dragon Age (All))
AU: Cassandra Comes To Kirkwall Earlier Dragon Age) – Relationship
AU: Corypheus Fails at the Conclave (Dragon Age) - Relationship
AU: Forced to Consume Large Amounts of Dragon Blood (Dragon Age)
AU: King Alistair Marries an Elf Warden Despite the Objections (Dragon Age)
AU: Modern Setting (Dragon Age)
AU: Solas is Convinced the World is Worth Saving (Dragon Age)
AU: Solas is not Fen'Harel (Dragon Age)
AU: Solas Takes the Inquisitor With him after Trespasser (Dragon Age)
AU: Soulmarks (Dragon Age)
AU: The Forgotten One Helps Solas Tear Down the Veil (Dragon Age)
AU: The Forgotten One is Whispering in Solas' Ear the Entire Time (Dragon Age)
AU: The Forgotten Ones Escape the Prison Solas Locked Him in (Dragon Age)
AU: The Inquisition Fails (Dragon Age) – Relationship
AU: The Warden Finds a Cure for the Calling (Dragon Age)
AU: Varric Wrote About the Hero of Orlais (Dragon Age) – Relationship
The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
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Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher)
Margaret "Maggie" Angelica Mendoza (The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher)
Molly Carpenter (The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher)
Relationship: Justine/Mara (The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher)
Relationship: Molly Carpenter & Mab & Mother Winter (The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher)
Susan Rodriguez (The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher)
AU: Harry doesn't make a Faustian bargain & remains disabled (Dresden Files - Butcher)
AU: Justine decides she'd rather be with a human (Dresden Files - Butcher)
AU: Maggie lives; Susan doesn't turn or die (Dresden Files - Butcher)
AU: Maggie Mendoza escapes from the Red Court vampires on her own (The Dresden Files- Jim Butcher)
AU: Molly is given the choice of becoming the Winter Lady (Dresden Files - Butcher)
AU: The Winter Lady's Mantle makes her sterile--not violent (Dresden Files - Butcher)
due South
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Relationship: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio (due South)
Relationship: Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio (due South)
Relationship: Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser (due South)
Relationship: Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio (due South)
AU: Penitentiary Inmates (due South)
AU: Presumed Dead (due South)
AU: RayK is RayV's partner at Precinct 27 when Fraser arrives to Chicago in S1 (due South)
AU: RayV and RayK get partnered up in season 1 (due South)
AU: RayV is with Fraser and RayK in search for the hand adventure (due South)
AU: RayV never goes undercover (due South)
AU: Victoria shoots RayV instead of the reverse (due South)
The Edge (1997)
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Relationship: Charles Morse/Robert Green (The Edge) AU: Bob doesn't die (The Edge)
AU: Bob doesn't try to kill Charles (The Edge)
Elysium (2013)
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Relationship: Max da Costa/Julio (Elysium) AU: Everybody Lives Nobody Dies (Elysium)
AU: Max and Julio grew up on Elysium
AU: Modern AU (Elysium)
The Expanse (TV)
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Chrisjen Avasarala (The Expanse TV)
Relationship: Alex Kamal/Bobby Draper (The Expanse TV)
Relationship: Amos Burton/Alex Kamal (The Expanse TV)
Relationship: Amos Burton/Praxidike Meng (The Expanse TV)
Relationship: Naomi Nagata/Jim Holden (The Expanse TV)
The Rocinante Crew (The Expanse TV)
AU: coffee shop (The Expanse TV)
AU: college (The Expanse TV)
AU: fairy tale (The Expanse TV)
AU: FBI or law enforcement (The Expanse TV)
AU: meeting in the ER (The Expanse TV)
AU: Supernatural (The Expanse TV)
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Relationship: Hoban "Wash" Washburne & Kaylee Frye
Relationship: Malcolm Reynolds & Zoe Washburne
Relationship: Malcolm Reynolds/Simon Tam
Relationship: Zoe Washburne/Hoban "Wash" Washburne
Hoban "Wash" Washburne
Jayne Cobb
Kaylee Frye
Malcolm Reynolds
Serenity Crew
Simon Tam
Zoë Washburne
AU: Air enforcement arrives in Serenity Valley (Firefly)
AU: blue collar (Firefly)
AU: fairy tale (Firefly)
AU: flower shop (Firefly)
AU: Genderswapped cast (Firefly)
AU: Jayne is a government mole initially assigned to Serenity to break a smuggling ring (Firefly)
AU: journalist (Firefly)
AU: Kaylee is a tomboy (Firefly)
AU: meet in prison (Firefly)
AU: Simon is a LEO not a doctor (Firefly)
AU: spy or secret agent (Firefly)
AU: Zoe falls for her commander instead of Wash
Flight of the Intruder (1991)
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Relationship: Jake Grafton/Virgil Cole (Flight of the Intruder) AU: Jake and Virgil both get out of Vietnam alive and run into each other years later (FOTI)
AU: Jake ignores Virgil's threats and goes to save him anyway (Flight of the Intruder)
AU: Virgil doesn't die (Flight of the Intruder)
Frozen (2013)
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Relationship: Anna & Elsa (Frozen)
Relationship: Anna/Elsa (Frozen)
AU: Anna's ghost haunts Elsa (Frozen)
AU: Elsa abdicates & Anna becomes queen (Frozen)
AU: Elsa is killed by Hans (Frozen)
AU: Soulmates share one another's powers (Frozen)
Fushigi Yuugi
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Relationship: Hongou Yui/Hotohori (Fushigi Yuugi) AU: Character Death Fix(es) (Fushigi Yuugi)
AU: Fix-It (Fushigi Yuugi)
AU: Hotohori comes on Shinzahou quest (Fushigi Yuugi)
AU: Rape and/or Rape Scare Fix(es) (Fushigi Yuugi)
G.I. Joe (Cartoon)
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Conrad "Duke" S. Hauser (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
Courtney A. Kreiger (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
Relationship: Zarana/Mainframe (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
Shana "Scarlett" M. O'Hara (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
Vincent "Falcon" Falcone (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
AU: Baroness actually works for G.I. Joe (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
AU: COBRA is actually the good guys (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
AU: Duke dies in the movie (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
AU: Most Dangerous Game (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
AU: One Joe is secretly a COBRA agent (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
AU: Zarana actually works for G.I. Joe (G.I. Joe Cartoon)
Gilmore Girls
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Relationship: Luke Danes/Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
Relationship: Rory Gilmore/Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)
Relationship: Rory Gilmore/Logan Huntzberger (Gilmore Girls)
AU: Jess grew up in Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls)
AU: Rory grew up rich in Hartford (Gilmore Girls)
AU: Rory switches her major from English/journalism to something else (Gilmore Girls)
Gold Diggers (1995)
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Beth Easton (Gold Diggers)
Jody Salerno (Gold Diggers)
Relationship: Beth Easton & Jody Salerno (Gold Diggers)
AU: Beth joins Jody in living at the cave (Gold Diggers)
AU: Ray abuses Jody as well as her mom (Gold Diggers)
AU: Ray actually dies from Jody's attack (Gold Diggers)
AU: The boat doesn't crash so Beth gets back safely (Gold Diggers)
Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
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Ashley Wilkes (GWTW-MM)
Belle Watling (GWTW-MM)
Bonnie Butler (GWTW-MM)
Charles Hamilton (GWTW-MM)
Ellen O'Hara (GWTW-MM)
Melanie Wilkes (GWTW-MM)
Relationship: Ashley Wilkes/Melanie Wilkes (GWTW-MM) - Character
Relationship: Charles Hamilton & Melanie Hamilton Wilkes (GWTW-MM)
Relationship: Charles Hamilton/Scarlett O'Hara (GWTW-MM)
Relationship: Rhett Butler/Melanie Wilkes (GWTW-MM) - Character
Relationship: Rhett Butler/Scarlett O'Hara (GWTW-MM) - Character
Rhett Butler (GWTW-MM)
Scarlett O'Hara (GWTW-MM)
Wade Hampton Hamilton (GWTW-MM)
AU: Boarding School (GWTW-MM)
AU: Bonnie Lives (GWTW-MM)
AU: Charles Hamilton doesn't die (GWTW-MM)
AU: Ellen O'Hara doesn't die (GWTW-MM)
AU: Melanie Lives (GWTW-MM)
AU: Modern Day (GWTW-MM)
AU: One Character writes a Roman a Clef (Tell-all Novel) (GWTW-MM)
AU: Rhett Marries Melanie and Scarlett Marries Ashley (GWTW-MM)
AU: Scarlett dies from her miscarriage not Melanie (GWTW)
Greek and Roman Mythology
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Achilles (Greek and Roman Myth)
Clytemnestra (Greek and Roman Myth)
Helen of Troy (Greek and Roman Myth)
Penthesilea (Greek and Roman Myth)
Relationship: Hector/Andromache (Greek and Roman Myth)
Relationship: Penelope/Odysseus (Greek and Roman Myth)
AU: Achilles doesn't kill Hector (Greek and Roman Myth)
AU: Murder Mystery (Greek and Roman Myth)
AU: Paris abducts Clytemnestra instead of Helen (Greek and Roman Myth)
AU: Reality TV Show (Greek and Roman Myth)
AU: Regency House Party (Greek and Roman Myth)
AU: Trojan Horse doesn't work (Greek and Roman Myth)
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Relationship: Goshiki Tsutomu/Shirabu Kenjirou (Haikyuu!!)
Relationship: Iwaizumi Hajime/Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu!!)
Relationship: Kageyama Tobio/Sugawara Koushi (Haikyuu!!)
Relationship: Oikawa Tooru/Ushijima Wakatoshi (Haikyuu!!)
Relationship: Shimizu Kiyoko/Yachi Hitoka (Haikyuu!!)
Relationship: Shirabu Kenjirou/Ushijima Wakatoshi (Haikyuu!!)
AU: Angels and Demons (Haikyuu!!)
AU: Birds (Haikyuu!!)
AU: Fantasy with Dragons and Magic (Haikyuu!!)
AU: Merpeople (Haikyuu!!)
AU: Shapeshifting (Haikyuu!!)
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
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Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Original Characters (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Regulus Black (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Gellert Grindelwald & Harry Potter (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Harry & Hermione & Ron (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Harry Potter/Ron Weasley (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Hermione Granger/Harry Potter (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Lily Evans Potter & Harry Potter (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Lily Evans/Severus Snape (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Lucius Malfoy & Narcissa Black Malfoy (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Merope Gaunt & Tom Riddle | Voldemort (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Regulus Black & Sirius Black (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Relationship: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Ron Weasley (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Severus Snape (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Sirius Black (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
Tom Riddle (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Ariana doesn't die in the three-way duel at Godric's Hollow (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Ariana's ghost haunts Albus (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Disabilities not caused by magic exist (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Draco is bitten and turned by Greyback to punish Lucius (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Draco is sorted into Gryffindor (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Dumbledore remained Transfiguration Professor and never became Head of Gryffindor or Headmaster
AU: Ginny is a boy - a seventh son (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Ginny is in love with Hermione (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Ginny Weasley is not a Gryffindor (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Golden Trio each sorted into a different House (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Grindlewald is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Hermione Granger is a pureblood (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Hermione Granger is sorted into Slytherin (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Hermione is a boy and Ron is a girl (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: James arrives too late & Snape is bitten and turned by Lupin (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Kreacher disobeys Regulus and takes him out of the Cave (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Lily and James's ghosts haunt Harry Potter (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Lily grabs Harry and Apparates away while Voldemort is fighting James
AU: Lucius Malfoy didn't join the Deatheaters (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Merope Gaunt lives and raises her son (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Merope Gaunt's ghost haunts Tom Riddle (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Mundane non-US setting (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Peter doesn't join Voldemort (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Regulus Black faked his death (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Seer Ron Weasley (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Sirius goes free (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Snape doesn't join the Death Eaters (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Sorted into different house (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Soulmates (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: The Veil was a Portkey (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Tom Riddle is adopted from Wool's Orphanage (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
AU: Voldemort never learns about the prophecy (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)
His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
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Iorek Byrnison (His Dark Materials)
Lee Scoresby (His Dark Materials)
Lyra Belacqua (His Dark Materials)
Roger Parslow (His Dark Materials)
Xaphania (His Dark Materials)
AU: Lee frees Iorek before Lyra happens upon him (His Dark Materials)
AU: Lyra visits her father on Svalbard alone (His Dark Materials)
AU: Mary does not play the part of the serpent (His Dark Materials)
AU: The alitheometer can lie (His Dark Materials)
AU: The Magesterium is authoritarian but not religious (His Dark Materials)
AU: The Metatron cannot be fooled by humans - Mrs Coulter's lying fails (His Dark Materials)
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Relationship: Dave Strider & Dirk Strider (Homestuck)
Relationship: Dirk's Bro | Alpha Dave Strider & Dirk Strider (Homestuck)
Relationship: Jake English/Dirk Strider (Homestuck)
Relationship: Rose Lalonde/Dave Strider (Homestuck)
Relationship: Rose Lalonde/Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck)
AU: Cyberpunk (Homestuck)
AU: Dave grows up with alpha Dirk (Homestuck)
AU: Dirk grows up with alpha Dave (Homestuck)
AU: Full Cast Genderswap (Homestuck)
AU: Human characters as trolls (Homestuck)
AU: SCP Foundation (Homestuck)
Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones
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Howl Pendragon (Howl Series)
Relationship: Abdullah/Flower-in-the-Night (Howl Series)
Relationship: Howl Pendragon/Sophie Hatter (Howl Series)
Relationship: Lettie Hatter/Wizard Suliman (Howl Series)
AU: Daemons (Howl Series)
AU: Howell Jenkins gets a Hogwarts letter (Howl Series)
AU: Ingary is ruled by magic users rather than royalty (Howl Series)
AU: Sophie stumbles into our world instead of Howl into Sophie's (Howl Series)
AU: Soulmates are connected by dreams (Howl Series)
AU: Your soulmate's name is on your wrist (Howl Series)
Humans (TV)
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Astrid Schaeffer (Humans (TV))
Relationship: Anita | Mia/Laura Hawkins (Humans)
Relationship: Niska/Astrid Schaeffer (Humans)
AU: Astrid Doesn't Meet Niska in Berlin (Humans)
AU: Astrid Doesn't Wait For Niska in Folkstone (Humans)
AU: Niska Doesn't Escape Her Trial (Humans)
AU: Not a Synth (Humans)
AU: They Know They're in a TV Show (Humans)
Invincible (Comics)
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Relationship: Immortal/Kate Cha/Paul Cha (Invincible)
Relationship: Kate Cha & Paul Cha (Invincible)
Relationship: Kate Cha/Paul Cha (Invincible)
AU: College AU (Invincible)
AU: Kate chose Paul over superheroing and became a villain (Invincible)
AU: Paul chose Kate over henchmanning and became a superhero (Invincible)
AU: The dark Immortal-ruled future but Kate and Paul are native to that timeline (Invincible)
James Bond (Movies)
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Relationship: James Bond/Alec Trevelyan (Bond Movies) AU: Bond left MI6 with Trevelyan (Bond Movies)
AU: Soulmates (Bond Movies)
AU: Trevelyan didn't die at the end of GoldenEye (Bond Movies)
AU: Trevelyan found out about his parents later (Bond Movies)
AU: Trevelyan never found out about his parents (Bond Movies)
Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)
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Relationship: Jack/Elmont (Jack the Giant Slayer)
Relationship: Jack/Isabelle/Elmont (Jack the Giant Slayer)
The Giants (Jack the Giant Slayer)
AU: Battle of the Bands (Jack the Giant Slayer)
AU: Dragons (Jack the Giant Slayer)
AU: Isabelle is a Prince instead (Jack the Giant Slayer)
AU: Jack is a Palace Guard (Jack the Giant Slayer)
AU: The Giants Win (Jack the Giant Slayer)
AU: The King is killed in battle (Jack the Giant Slayer)
Jem and the Holograms (Cartoon)
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Aja Leith (Jem Cartoon)
Craig Phillips (Jem Cartoon)
Jacqui Benton (Jem Cartoon)
Kimber Benton (Jem Cartoon)
Mary "Stormer" Phillips (Jem Cartoon)
Relationship: Jem| Jerrica Benton/Rio (Jem Cartoon)
AU: Craig Phillips wins the talent search (Jem Cartoon)
AU: Jacqui Benton is not killed in the plane crash (Jem Cartoon)
AU: Jerrica tells Rio about Jem during Glitter and Gold episode (Jem Cartoon)
AU: Kimber doesn't come back after bands break up (Jem Cartoon)
AU: Misfits win the Battle of the Bands (Jem Cartoon)
AU: Rio Always Knows (Jem Cartoon)
Jupiter Ascending (2015)
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Relationship: Balem Abrasax/Kalique Abrasax/Titus Abrasax/Jupiter Jones (Jupiter Ascending)
Relationship: Caine Wise & Kiza Apini (Jupiter Ascending)
Relationship: Caine Wise/Stinger Apini (Jupiter Ascending)
Relationship: Caine Wise/Titus Abrasax (Jupiter Ascending)
AU: Balem out-lawyered Jupiter and harvested Earth (Jupiter Ascending)
AU: Caine and Stinger never left the Legion (Jupiter Ascending)
AU: Modern-Day Cops AU (Jupiter Ascending)
AU: Sedoretu (Jupiter Ascending)
Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
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Relationship: Aomine Daiki/Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)
Relationship: Midorima Shintarou & Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)
Relationship: Midorima Shintarou/Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)
AU: Kuroko doesn't end up at Seirin (Kuroko no Basuke)
AU: Kuroko is a ghost (Kuroko no Basuke)
AU: Kuroko is a time-traveler (Kuroko no Basuke)<
Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler
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Relationship: Agni & Soma Asman Kadar (Kuroshitsuji)
Relationship: Ciel Phantomhive & Ciel Phantomhive's twin (Kuroshitsuji)
Relationship: Diedrich/Vincent Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)
Relationship: Edgar Redmond & Herman Greenhill & Lawrence Bluewer & Gregory Violet (Kuroshitsuji)
AU: Agni survives (Kuroshitsuji)
AU: Another child was sacrificed instead of Ciel's twin (Kuroshitsuji)
AU: Daemons (Kuroshitsuji)
AU: Magic is taught at Weston College (Kuroshitsuji)
AU: Twins are platonic soulmates with shared telepathy (Kuroshitsuji)
AU: Zombie apocalypse via Bizarre Dolls (Kuroshitsuji)
Legend of the Seeker
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Relationship: Cara Mason/Dahlia (Legend of the Seeker) AU: Cara wasn't a Mord Sith timeline: Cara wasn't married (Legend of the Seeker)
AU: Cara wasn't a Mord Sith timeline: Dahlia not a Mord Sith either (Legend of the Seeker)
AU: Cara wasn't a Mord Sith timeline: timeline permanent/happy (Legend of the Seeker)
AU: Dahlia and Cara are Confessors (Legend of the Seeker)
AU: Dahlia left the Mord Sith with Cara (Legend of the Seeker)
AU: Modern (Legend of the Seeker)
The Legend of Zelda & Related Fandoms
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Relationship: Link & Zelda (Legend of Zelda)
Shadow Link (Legend of Zelda)
AU: Castle Waiting Fusion (Legend of Zelda)
AU: Different Period- or Culture-inspired setting (Legend of Zelda)
AU: Different Triforce-Character associations (Legend of Zelda)
AU: Female Link (Legend of Zelda)
AU: Link and/or Zelda incarnated as Gerudo (Legend of Zelda)
Lethal Weapon (TV)
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Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon TV)
Maureen Cahill (Lethal Weapon TV)
Relationship: Maureen Cahill/Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon TV)
AU: Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon) and Mr Quinn (Leverage) are brothers (Lethal Weapon TV)
AU: Maureen is not Martin's therapist - they meet another way (Lethal Weapon TV)
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Maggie Collins (Leverage)
Relationship: Alec Hardison & Parker & Eliot Spencer (Leverage)
Relationship: Parker/Eliot Spencer (Leverage)
Relationship: Team Leverage (Leverage)
AU: Eliot (Leverage) and Lindsey (AtS) are twin brothers (Leverage)
AU: Maggie is the Mastermind (Leverage)
AU: Parker and Eliot met pre-series (Leverage)
Little Witch Academia
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Relationship: Andrew Hanbridge/Atsuko "Akko" Kagari (Little Witch Academia)
Relationship: Atsuko "Akko" Kagari/Diana Cavendish (Little Witch Academia)
AU: Akko and Diana met at the Shiny Chariot show (Little Witch Academia)
AU: Daemons (Little Witch Academia)
AU: Dream Fuel Spirit corrupts user's sense of morals (Little Witch Academia)
AU: Film Noir (Little Witch Academia)
AU: World Reconstruction Magic makes caster irrevocably immortal (Little Witch Academia)
AU: Zombie Apocalypse (Little Witch Academia)
Little Women Series - Louisa May Alcott
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Amy March (LW-LMA)
Elizabeth March (LW-LMA)
Josephine March (LW-LMA)
Relationship: Theodore Laurence/Amy March (LW-LMA) - Character
Relationship: Theodore Laurence/Josephine March (LW-LMA) - Character
Theodore Laurence (LW-LMA)
AU: Beth Lives (LW-LMA)
AU: Jo Goes Abroad Instead of Amy (LW-LMA)
AU: Teddy Courts Jo (LW-LMA)
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Desmond Hume (Lost)
Hugo Reyes (Lost)
James "Sawyer" Ford (Lost)
Juliet Burke (Lost)
Miles Straume (Lost)
Relationship: Charlie Pace & Hurley Reyes (Lost)
Relationship: James "Sawyer" Ford & Miles Straume (Lost)
Relationship: Juliet Burke/James "Sawyer" Ford (Lost)
Relationship: Kate Austen/Sayid Jarrah (Lost)
Relationship: Richard Alpert/Jacob (Lost)
Relationship: Sayid Jarrah/Shannon Rutherford (Lost)
Sayid Jarrah (Lost)
AU: Ajira 316 plane was unfixable (Lost)
AU: castaways rescued in season 1 (Lost)
AU: different character succeeded Jacob (Lost)
AU: different characters made it off island (Lost)
AU: different characters stuck in 70s (Lost)
AU: final flash sent characters to time other than 70s (Lost)
AU: it WAS Penny's boat! (Lost)
AU: Oceanic 6 didn't lie (Lost)
AU: Richard chose Man In Black (Lost)
AU: Sideways universe was a real AU that continued (Lost)
Love Live! Sunshine!!
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Relationship: Kunikida Hanamaru/Kurosawa Ruby (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
Relationship: Kunikida Hanamaru/Kurosawa Ruby/Tsushima Yoshiko (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
Relationship: Kurosawa Dia & Kurosawa Ruby (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
Relationship: Ohara/MariMatsuura Kanan (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
Relationship: Sakurauchi Riko/Takami Chika (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
Relationship: Watanabe You/Takami Chika (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
AU: Demons and Angels (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
AU: Magical Girls (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
AU: Pirates (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
AU: Pokemon (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
AU: Soulmarks (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)
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Gaby Teller (Man from UNCLE 2015)
Illya Kuryakin (Man from UNCLE 2015)
Napoleon Solo (Man from UNCLE 2015)
Relationship: Gaby Teller/Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo (Man from UNCLE 2015)
Uncle Rudi (Man from UNCLE 2015)
Victoria Vinciguerra (Man from UNCLE 2015)
AU: 1960s coffee shop in West Germany (Man from UNCLE 2015)
AU: After the movie our spies go into business for themselves (Man from UNCLE 2015)
AU: Age of Sail AU (Man from UNCLE 2015)
AU: Gaby and Napoleon are cat burglars and Illya is tasked to bring them down (Man from UNCLE 2015)
AU: Illya is captured by Victoria and Uncle Rudi not Napoleon (Man from UNCLE 2015)
AU: Illya really isn't human but a Soviet experiment (Man from UNCLE 2015)<
Marco Polo (TV)
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Relationship: Empress Chabi/Mei Lin (Marco Polo)
Relationship: Jing Fei/Mei Lin (Marco Polo)
AU: Jing Fei Lives (Marco Polo)
AU: Kaidu Becomes Khan (Marco Polo)
AU: Mei Lin's Assassination Attempt Succeeds (Marco Polo)
AU: Space (Marco Polo)
AU: Steampunk (Marco Polo)
Marvel Comics
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Jennifer Walters | She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)
Madelyne Pryor (Marvel Comics)
Matt Murdock | Daredevil (Marvel Comics)
Nathaniel Essex | Mr. Sinister (Marvel Comics)
Patsy Walker | Hellcat (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Angelo Espinosa/Jonothan Starsmore (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Erik Lehnsherr & Anya Lehnsherr (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Jean-Paul Beaubier & Jeanne-Marie Beaubier & Joanne Beaubier (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Jean-Paul Beaubier/Bobby Drake (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Jean-Paul Beaubier/Kyle Jinadu (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Julio Richter/Shatterstar (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Kurt Wagner & Ororo Munroe (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Nathan Summers/Sam Guthrie (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Rachel Summers & the Phoenix (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Raven Darkholme & St. John Allerdyce (Marvel Comics)
Relationship: Raven Darkholme/Irene Adler & Kurt Wagner & Rogue (Marvel Comics)
Remy LeBeau | Gambit (Marvel Comics)
Scott Summers | Cyclops (Marvel Comics)
Tony Stark/Rumiko Fujikawa (Marvel Comics)
AU: Angelo never died and is teaching at the X-School (Marvel Comics)
AU: Anya Lives (Marvel Comics)
AU: Athletes AU (Marvel Comics)
AU: Cop/Prostitute AU (Marvel Comics)
AU: Freedom Force rescues Madelyne Pryor from the Marauders (Marvel Comics)
AU: Gambit Is Not Left In The Arctic By Rogue (Marvel Comics)
AU: Genderswap (Marvel Comics)
AU: High fantasy with the Phoenix as a goddess (Marvel Comics)
AU: Jean-Paul was never outed as a mutant (Marvel Comics)
AU: Jean-Paul's adopted daughter Joanne never died (Marvel Comics)
AU: Matt and Jennifer Are Normal Lawyers Who Suddenly Get Superpowers (Marvel Comics)
AU: Mr. Sinister Goes Good And Becomes An X-Man (Marvel Comics)
AU: Mundane/No Powers (Marvel Comics)
AU: Mystique & Destiny are Nightcrawler's bio-parents (Marvel Comics)
AU: Mystique's Brotherhood are pirates (Marvel Comics)
AU: Patsy Walker Does Not Get Fired By She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)
AU: Professor/Student AU (Marvel Comics)
AU: Rictor went into gunrunning instead of superheroing (Marvel Comics)
AU: Rumiko doesn't die (Marvel Comics)
AU: Rumiko gains superpowers (Marvel Comics)
AU: Sam is a Clan Askani soldier under Cable's command (Marvel Comics)
AU: Scott Never Leaves Madelyne Pryor (Marvel Comics)
AU: Sword & Sorcery (Marvel Comics)
AU: The Gambit Is Cyclops and Sinister's Clone From The End Miniseries In Main Canon (Marvel Comics)
Mass Effect Trilogy
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Female Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Jeff "Joker" Moreau (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Female Shepard/Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Jeff "Joker" Moreau & Commander Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Jeff "Joker" Moreau/EDI (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Male Shepard/Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Male Shepard/Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Normandy Crew (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Saren Arterius/Nihlus Kryik (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Saren Arterius/Nihlus Kryik/Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Relationship: Saren Arterius/Nihlus Kryik/Garrus Vakarian/Male Shepard (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Buffy the Vampire Slayer-style Fusion (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Cerberus is Competent (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Different First Meeting - Captured by Slavers (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Different First Meeting - First Contact War (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Everybody Lives (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Female Shepard and Male Shepard are Siblings (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Garrus and Shepard Start a Relationship During the First Game (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Garrus Became a Spectre (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Just-Zombies/Husks AU but still In Space (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: ME2 is About Finding an Alternative Way to Defeat the Reapers (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Reapers Don't Exist (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Shepard was in the First Contact War (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Soulmarks (Mass Effect Trilogy)
AU: Training Together as Spectre (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Mass Effect: Andromeda
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Alec Ryder (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Female Ryder | Sara (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Jaal Ama Darav (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Male Ryder | Scott (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Relationship: Alec Ryder/Male Ryder | Scott (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Relationship: Female Ryder | Sara & Male Ryder | Scott (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Relationship: Male Ryder | Scott/Reyes Vidal (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Relationship: Male Ryder | Scott/SAM (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Relationship: Male Ryder | Scott/SAM/Reyes Vidal (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
Vetra Nyx (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Alec Chooses to Save Himself (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Alec doesn't die on Habitat 7 (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Angaran celebrations include lots of public sex (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Both Ryder Twins accompany Alec to Habitat 7 (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Cora Becomes the Pathfinder (Mass Effect: andromeda)
AU: Diplomatic Marriage (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: One of the Ryder Twins Became an Exile (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: SAM is corrupted by a virus (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Soulmarks (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: The Ryder twins both become Pathfinders (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
AU: Used a a breeder (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
MCU and TV
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A.I.D.A. (MCU and TV)
Antoine Triplett (MCU and TV)
Aunt May (MCU and TV)
Bobbi Morse (MCU and TV)
Claire Temple (MCU and TV)
Clint Barton (MCU and TV)
Foggy Nelson (MCU and TV)
Framework Grant Ward (MCU &TV)
Frank Castle (MCU and TV)
Grant Ward (MCU and TV)
Hope Van Dyne (MCU and TV)
Jane Foster (MCU and TV)
Jessica Jones (MCU and TV)
Karen Page (MCU and TV)
Maria Hill (MCU and TV)
Matt Murdock (MCU and TV)
Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Ned Leeds (MCU and TV)
Peggy Carter (MCU and TV)
Pepper Potts (MCU and TV)
Peter Parker (MCU and TV)
Pietro Maximoff (MCU & TV)
Relationship: Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner (MCU and TV)
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes & Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/Hydra Agents (MCU and TV)
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson (MCU and TV)
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Relationship: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Loki/James "Bucky" Barnes (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Loki/James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Loki/Original Female Character (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Loki/Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Maria Hill & Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Maria Hill & Pepper Potts (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Pietro Maximoff & Wanda Maximoff (MCU & TV)
Relationship: Pietro Maximoff/Thor (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Skye | Daisy Johnson & Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Skye | Daisy Johnson/Grant Ward (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Skye | Daisy Johnson/Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Steve Rogers & Howling Commandos (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Thor/Loki (MCU and TV)
Relationship: Tony Stark & Ultron (MCU and TV)
Robbie Reyes (MCU and TV)
Sam Wilson (MCU and TV)
Skye | Daisy Johnson (MCU and TV)
Steve Rogers (MCU and TV)
Tony Stark (MCU and TV)
Wanda Maximoff (MCU & TV)
AU: All-Female Avengers team (MCU and TV)
AU: Arranged Marriage (MCU and TV)
AU: Aunt May and Tony Stark start dating (MCU and TV)
AU: Aunt May really does know what Peter does (MCU and TV)
AU: Bucky never escaped HYDRA (MCU and TV)
AU: Character tampers with the events of the timeline (MCU and TV)
AU: Character(s) Studied At Kamar-Taj (MCU and TV)
AU: Claire has Superpowers (MCU and TV)
AU: Claire Temple helps out the Avengers (MCU and TV)
AU: Clint Barton and Matt Murdock grew up together (MCU and TV)
AU: Clint Barton has a twin brother who works with Matt Murdock (MCU and TV)
AU: Daisy busted Wanda out of prison (MCU & TV)
AU: Darcy interned with Bruce Banner instead of Jane Foster (MCU and TV)
AU: dragon!au (MCU and TV)
AU: Framework Grant Ward goes to real world (MCU and TV)
AU: human AIDA turns good (MCU and TV)
AU: Human Characters In Asgard (MCU and TV)
AU: Inhuman Ward (MCU and TV)
AU: Jaegers (MCU and TV)
AU: Jane Foster becomes Thor (MCU and TV)
AU: Jotun Require Blood After Puberty (MCU and TV)
AU: Karen meets Clint and they start dating but she doesn't know his real identity (MCU and TV)
AU: Loki is Captured by HYDRA (MCU and TV)
AU: Loki Is the Bargaining Chip Odin Used to Win the War Against Jotunheim (MCU and TV)
AU: Loki is the favored son (MCU and TV)
AU: Loki spent time on Earth discovering what it has to offer instead of taking over (MCU and TV)
AU: Loki was raised on Jotunheim (MCU and TV)
AU: Maria Hill in Civil War (MCU and TV)
AU: Maria Hill lifts Thor's Hammer (MCU and TV)
AU: Matt and Natasha are married (MCU and TV)
AU: Matt Murdock has a twin brother (MCU and TV)
AU: Matt Murdock loses his memory (MCU and TV)
AU: Met As Children (MCU and TV)
AU: Ned is the son of the Vulture but he doesn't know what his dad is doing (MCU and TV)
AU: Ned isn't able to unlock the Training Wheels Protocol (MCU and TV)
AU: NHL Hockey (MCU and TV)
AU: Occult AU (MCU and TV)
AU: Part of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad (MCU & TV)
AU: Peggy is Given the Super Soldier Serum (MCU and TV)
AU: Pepper kept Extremis (MCU and TV)
AU: Pepper Potts and Maria Hill in Civil War (MCU and TV)
AU: Pietro is faster than a speeding bullet and doesn't die (MCU and TV)
AU: Power Rangers (MCU & TV)
AU: Sam and Steve Are Retired (MCU and TV)
AU: Sam and Steve With Eachother's Abilities (MCU and TV)
AU: Sam Wilson can talk to birds (MCU and TV)
AU: Someone finds Peter's vlogs about his time in Germany (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve and Bucky find each other again in a different way after the events of CA:TWS (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve and Natasha Are Private Detectives (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve fell with Bucky (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve is a girl (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve is arrested in Civil War (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve is awake and alert under the ice (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve is deployed immediately after his transformation (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve Is Put In Charge Of Recruiting Natasha To The Avengers (MCU and TV)
AU: Steve Rogers never crash-landed (MCU and TV)
AU: stranded on another Earth with a different set of superheroes (MCU and TV)
AU: that time the Spirit of Vengeance and the Punisher met and became friends (MCU and TV)
AU: The Avengers are in the Framework (MCU and TV)
AU: the serum doesn't have any physical manifestations (MCU and TV)
AU: The Serum Turned Steve into a Vampire (MCU and TV)
AU: The team took more than three minutes to discuss the Accords in Civil War (MCU and TV)
AU: Thor is a berserker (MCU and TV)
AU: Tony doesn't make it in time to get Peter out of the water (MCU and TV)
AU: Tony goes to jail for recruiting a child soldier ie. Spider-Man (MCU and TV)
AU: Tony Stark Talks Ultron Out Of Going Nuts (MCU and TV)
AU: Tony Was Kidnapped By Ultron At The Start Of The Movie (MCU and TV)
AU: Vision is dead & Pietro is alive (MCU & TV)
AU: Ward Redemption (MCU and TV)
AU: Ward was never HYDRA (MCU and TV)
AU: Winter Soldier Has A Different Identity (MCU and TV)
Merlin (TV)
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Relationship: Arthur & Gwen & Merlin & Morgana (Merlin)
Relationship: Arthur Pendragon/Gwen (Merlin)
Relationship: Balinor/Hunith (Merlin)
Relationship: Gwaine & Percival (Merlin)
Relationship: Gwen & Gwaine (Merlin)
Relationship: Gwen & Merlin (Merlin)
Relationship: Merlin & Gilli (Merlin)
Relationship: Merlin/Morgana (Merlin)
AU: 1950s High school students (Merlin)
AU: Arthur doesn't die (Merlin)
AU: Balinor doesn't die (Merlin)
AU: Black Jewels (Merlin)
AU: Dark Merlin (Merlin)
AU: Gwen and Arthur find out about Merlin's Magic (Merlin)
AU: Hunith goes with Balinor and they raise Merlin together (Merlin)
AU: Merlin tells Morgana he has magic/helps her in 2x03 (Merlin)
AU: Morgana doesn't turn evil (Merlin)
AU: Reincarnation (Merlin)
Middle-earth Book Canon
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Aragorn (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Arwen (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Boromir (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Éomer (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Éowyn (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Faramir (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Fingon (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Indis (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Lothíriel (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Maedhros (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Relationship: Beleg Cúthalion/Túrin Turambar (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Relationship: Fëanor/Rúmil of Tirion (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Relationship: Finrod Felagund/Beren Erchamion (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Relationship: Maedhros/Fingon (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Relationship: Urwen Lalaith/Niënor Níniel (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Sons of Fëanor (Middle-earth Book Canon)
Tar-Anárion's daughter(s) (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Accidentally Got Married (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Aragorn is secretly Faramir's biological father (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Aredhel decides not to visit Celegorm (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Boromir survives the Ring War (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Boy Band AU (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Éomer marries Lothíriel before Ring War begins (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Fingon and Maedhros are both women (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Gilraen lives to see Aragorn crowned as king (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Gríma does not limit himself to molesting Éowyn through speech alone (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: In SPAAAACE (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Indis leaves Aman with the Noldor (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Modern-Day Royalty AU (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: one of Tar-Anárion's daughters becomes queen (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Théodred survives the Ring War (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: University AU (Middle-earth Book Canon)
AU: Urwen lives instead of Túrin (Middle-earth Book Canon)
The Mummy Series
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Anck Su Namun (Mummy series)
Ardeth Bay (Mummy series)
Evy Carnahan O'Connell (Mummy series)
Relationship: Ardeth Bay/Rick O'Connell (Mummy series)
Relationship: Evy Carnahan O'Connell/Rick O'Connell/Ardeth Bay (Mummy Series)
Relationship: Imhotep/Anck Su Namun (Mummy series)
AU: Anck Su Namun is the Mummy (Mummy series)
AU: Ardeth goes to China with the O'Connells (Mummy series)
AU: Ardeth is the one who gets Rick out of jail (Mummy series)
AU: Evy and Rick are both Medjai (Mummy series)
AU: Imhotep succeeds in bringing Anck Su Namun back to life before they're caught (Mummy series)
AU: Imhotep wins (Mummy series)
The Mysteries of Udolpho - Ann Radcliffe
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Relationship: Count Morano/Cavigni (Mysteries of Udolpho)
Relationship: Montoni/Cavigni (Mysteries of Udolpho)
AU: Banditos in SPAAACE AU (Mysteries of Udolpho)
AU: Modern-Day AU (Mysteries of Udolpho)
AU: Supernatural/Urban Fantasy AU (Mysteries of Udolpho)
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Relationship: Aburame Shino/Nara Shikamaru (Naruto)
Relationship: Aburame Shino/Orochimaru (Naruto)
Relationship: Aburame Shino/Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)
Relationship: Hatake Kakashi/Orochimaru (Naruto)
Relationship: Hatake Sakumo/Orochimaru (Naruto)
Relationship: Jiraiya/Orochimaru (Naruto)
AU: Forced to work with the enemy (Naruto)
AU: Going back in time to fix the future (Naruto)
AU: Orochimaru became Hokage not Minato (Naruto)
AU: Orochimaru is crippled and chained to the village after his betrayal (Naruto)
AU: Orochimaru never joined Root (Naruto)
AU: The Aburame clan see sharing their bugs with outsiders as taboo (Naruto)
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Any Cup Series Drivers (NASCAR)
Relationship: Clint Bowyer & Tony Stewart & Kevin Harvick & Kurt Busch & Danica Patrick (NASCAR)
Relationship: Kurt Busch & Kyle Busch (NASCAR)
AU: Spaceship crew (NASCAR)
AU: Vampires (NASCAR)
AU: Zombies (NASCAR)
Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
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Madara "Nyanko-sensei"
Natori Shuuichi
Natsume Reiko
Natsume Takashi
Taki Tooru
Tanuma Kaname
AU: Everyone can see Youkai (Natsume Yuujinchou)
AU: Japanese Historical Period (Natsume Yuujinchou)
AU: Madara was not sealed (Natsume Yuujinchou)
AU: Natsume Reiko is still alive (Natsume Yuujinchou)
AU: Natsume Takashi has a living parent (Natsume Yuujinchou)
AU: Natsume Takashi met other main character(s) as a child (Natsume Yuujinchou)
Nature of the Beast (1995)
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Relationship: Adrian/Jack Powell (Nature of the Beast) AU: Both Adrian and Jack survive the final fight (Nature of the Beast)
AU: Jack never tries to kill Adrian (Nature of the Beast)
No Escape (1994)
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Relationship: Robbins/Casey (No Escape) AU: Casey doesn't die (No Escape)
AU: Casey tries to help Robbins with his PTSD (No Escape)
AU: Robbins opens up to Casey about his past (No Escape)
Once Upon a Time (TV)
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Baelfire | Neal Cassidy (OUAT)
Emma Swan (OUAT)
Jefferson (OUAT)
Mulan (OUAT)
Relationship: Aurora/Mulan (OUAT)
Relationship: Baelfire | Neal Cassidy & Pinocchio | August Wayne Booth (OUAT)
Relationship: Baelfire | Neal Cassidy/Emma Swan (OUAT)
Relationship: Belle/Emma Swan (OUAT)
Relationship: Belle/Mulan (OUAT)
Relationship: Belle/Rumpelstiltskin | Mr Gold (OUAT)
Relationship: Emma Swan & Jefferson (OUAT)
Relationship: Emma Swan & Rumplestiltskin | Mr Gold (OUAT)
Relationship: Henry Mills/Paige | Grace (OUAT)
Relationship: Peter Pan/Wendy Darling (OUAT)
Relationship: Red Riding Hood | Ruby/Victor Frankenstein | Dr. Whale (OUAT)
Relationship: The Black Fairy | Fiona & Rumplestiltskin | Mr Gold (OUAT)
Relationship: The Black Fairy | Fiona/Belle (OUAT)
AU: 1920s con artist (OUAT)
AU: Belle and Rumpelstiltskin raised Bae in the Enchanted Forest (OUAT)
AU: Belle ends up traveling with Mulan after the Yaoguai (OUAT)
AU: Belle is a free citizen of Storybrooke during the First Curse (OUAT)
AU: Belle never lost her memory at the town line in Season 2 (OUAT)
AU: Emma and Neal met in the Enchanted Forest (OUAT)
AU: Emma was never sent through the wardrobe (OUAT)
AU: Fiona is never banished to the Dark Realm (OUAT)
AU: Mulan is the cursed princess and Aurora is the traveling warrior (OUAT)
AU: Neal and August meet as teens (before Neal meets Emma) in modern world and become BFFs (OUAT)
AU: Neal doesn't die (OUAT)
AU: No Dark Curse/Regina defeated before she can cast the curse (OUAT)
AU: Rumple ends up raising Emma during the First Curse (OUAT)
AU: Rumple is never resurrected (OUAT)
AU: Soulmate Red String of Fate (OUAT)
AU: Soulmate's Kiss Can Cure All Wounds (OUAT)
AU: Wendy and Peter were cursed in Storybrooke during season 1 (OUAT)
Orphan Black (TV)
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Alison Hendrix
Cosima Niehaus
Felix Dawkins
Helena (Orphan Black)
Sarah Manning
Siobhan "Mrs. S" Sadler
AU: Alison's children are her biological children (Orphan Black)
AU: Cosima dies at the end of Season 3 (Orphan Black)
AU: Felix Switches Sides (Orphan Black)
AU: One to the church one to the state is instead two to the state (Orphan Black)
AU: Sarah Takes Beth's Money and Runs (Orphan Black)
Ouran High School Host Club - All Media Types
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Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)
Ootori Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club)
Relationship: Hitachiin Hikaru/Fujioka Haruhi/Hitachiin Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club)
Relationship: Ootori Kyouya/Fujioka Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)
AU: Disney's Brave - Fusion AU (Ouran High School Host Club)
AU: Haruhi doesn't join the host club (Ouran High School Host Club)
AU: Haruhi is adopted by the Hitachiin family (Ouran High School Host Club)
AU: Haruhi is established early on as Kyouya's fiancee (Ouran High School Host Club)
Paranoia (Roleplaying Game)
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Commie Mutant Traitor (Paranoia)
Red level Troubleshooter (Paranoia)
The Computer (Paranoia)
Ultraviolet High Programmer (Paranoia)
AU: Everyone belongs to the same secret society but nobody knows it (Paranoia)
AU: The computer is sane (Paranoia)
AU: There's nothing outside of Alpha Complex but the Void (Paranoia)
AU: Unlimited clones (Paranoia)
Person of Interest (TV)
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Relationship: Harold Finch/John Reese (Person of Interest)
Relationship: Harold Finch/John Reese/Root/Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)
Relationship: John Reese/Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)
Relationship: Joss Carter/John Reese (Person of Interest)
Relationship: Root/Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest)
Relationship: Team Machine (Person of Interest)
Zoe Morgan (Person of Interest)
AU: And Then There Were None (Person of Interest)
AU: Mafia (Person of Interest)
AU: No Machine AU: ISA Agent Shaw meets Samaritan Operative Ms Groves (Person of Interest)
AU: None of the main characters ever died (Person of Interest)
AU: Pack mentality (Person of Interest)
AU: Root Doesn't Die (Person of Interest)
AU: Samaritan Recruited Root First (Person of Interest)
AU: Sedoretu (Person of Interest)
AU: Soulmate Marks (Person of Interest)
AU: Sports (Person of Interest)
AU: Support group (Person of Interest)
AU: The Winter Soldier (Person of Interest)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Movies)
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Jack Sparrow (PotC)
James Norrington (PotC)
Relationship: Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner (PotC)
Relationship: Jack Sparrow/Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann (PotC)
Relationship: James Norrington/Elizabeth Swann (PotC)
Relationship: Phillip/Syrena (PotC)
AU: Elizabeth and Will Join the Black Pearl's Crew After the First Movie (PotC)
AU: Jack Finds the Fountain of Youth and Turns Himself Into a Child (PotC)
AU: Little Mermaid Retelling (PotC)
AU: Norrington Stabbed the Heart and Became Captain of the Dutchman (PotC)
AU: Steampunk (PotC)
Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (Main Video Game Series)
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Celebi (Pokemon Games)
Crystal (Pokemon Games)
Ketsuban | Missingno. (Pokemon Games)
Leaf (Pokemon Games)
Relationship: Crystal & Celebi (Pokemon Games)
Relationship: Minaki | Eusine & Crystal (Pokemon Games)
AU: Crystal Is Trapped in the Past Because of a Freak Accident in the Time Capsule (Pokemon Games)
AU: Leaf Becomes the Champion and Stays at Mt. Silver (Pokemon Games)
The Pretender (TV)
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Angelo (the Pretender)
Ethan (the Pretender)
Jarod (The Pretender)
Kyle (the Pretender)
Miss Parker (the Pretender)
Relationship: Jarod & Miss Parker (The Pretender)
Relationship: Jarod & Sydney (The Pretender)
Relationship: Jarod/Miss Parker (The Pretender)
Relationship: Sydney & Jarod & Miss Parker (The Pretender)
Relationship: Sydney & Miss Parker (The Pretender)
Relationship: Sydney/Catherine Parker (The Pretender)
Sydney (the Pretender)
AU: Angelo is Miss Parker's brother instead of Lyle (The Pretender)
AU: Catherine was not killed after Ethan was born (The Pretender)
AU: Faith lives (The Pretender)
AU: Jarod catches up to his mom on Carthis (The Pretender)
AU: Jarod is rescued by Catherine (The Pretender)
AU: Kyle doesn't die (The Pretender)
AU: Michelle is never sent away from the Centre (The Pretender)
AU: Miss Parker stays at the Centre as teen and helps Jarod escape (The Pretender)
AU: Miss Parker was never sent away to boarding school (The Pretender)
AU: Raines dies from the oxygen tank explosion (The Pretender)
AU: Sydney is Miss Parker's biological father (The Pretender)
AU: The last of the serum isn't lost so Angelo gets it (The Pretender)
Pretty Little Liars
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Relationship: Alison DiLaurentis/Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars)
Relationship: Aria Montgomery/Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)
Relationship: Hanna Marin/Mona Vanderwaal (Pretty Little Liars)
AU: Ezra Fitzgerald is Big A (Pretty Little Liars)
AU: Wren Kingston is Uber A (Pretty Little Liars)
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
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Relationship: Caroline Bingley/Georgiana Darcy (P&P - Austen)
Relationship: Elizabeth Bennet/Caroline Bingley (P&P - Austen)
Relationship: Jane Bennet & Caroline Bingley (P&P - Austen)
Relationship: Jane Bennet/Caroline Bingley (P&P - Austen)
AU: Bingley sisters are welcoming to Jane in London (P&P - Austen)
AU: Caroline notices Elizabeth's fine eyes (P&P - Austen)
AU: Caroline seduces Georgiana to get close to Darcy (P&P - Austen)
Reba (TV)
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Relationship: Brock Hart/Reba Hart (Reba TV) AU: Brock and Reba Reconcile (Reba TV)
AU: Pregnant Reba (Reba TV)
Red Dwarf
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Dave Lister (Red Dwarf)
Red Dwarf Crew (Red Dwarf)
Relationship: Dave Lister/Arnold Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
AU: Cat race survived (Red Dwarf)
AU: Dystopia (Red Dwarf)
AU: Superheroes (Red Dwarf)
Red vs. Blue
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Relationship: Agent Maine & Agent Washington & Agent Connecticut
Relationship: Agent North Dakota/Agent New York
Relationship: Agent South Dakota/Agent Connecticut
Relationship: Dexter Grif/Dick Simmons
Relationship: Franklin Delano Donut/Frank "Doc" DuFresne
Relationship: Leonard L. Church/Agent Texas
AU: Agent Maine survived Sigma's implantation
AU: Alpha!Church didn't die when Washington set off the EMP at the end of Season 6
AU: Boxing Club (Red vs. Blue)
AU: Church was never an AI
AU: Freelancer Alpha Squad survived the fall of Project Freelancer
AU: Project Freelancer never fell
A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic)
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Relationship: Åsa Skärsholm & Riikka Skärsholm & Anssi Skårsholm (A Redtail's Dream)
Relationship: Hannu Viitanen/Samuli Tiira (A Redtail's Dream)
Relationship: Jonna Kuikka/Riikka Skärsholm (A Redtail's Dream)
Relationship: Joona Kuikka/Anssi Skårsholm (A Redtail's Dream)
Relationship: Paju Kinnunen & Tuomi Kinnunen (A Redtail's Dream)
AU: SSSS Fusion/Year 0 (A Redtail's Dream)
AU: Year in Hereafter Fusion (A Redtail's Dream)
Revolution (TV)
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Charlie Matheson (Revolution)
Miles Matheson (Revolution)
Rachel Matheson (Revolution)
AU: Miles and Charlie Discover The Truth About Her Paternity (Revolution)
AU: Miles Raised Charlie (Revolution)
Riptide (TV)
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Relationship: Cody Allen/Nick Ryder (Riptide) AU: Cody continues working at Tricor for longer in "The Bargain Department" (Riptide)
AU: Nick actually does inherit tons of money in "A Matter Of Policy" (Riptide)
AU: Nick and Cody never meet in Vietnam (Riptide)
Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
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Lesley May (Rivers of London)
Relationship: Thomas Nightingale & Peter Grant (Rivers of London)
Thomas Nightingale (Rivers of London)
Varvara Sidorovna Tamonina (Rivers of London)
AU: Arranged marriage (Rivers of London)
AU: David Mellenby didn't die (Rivers of London)
AU: Lesley May is a double agent (Rivers of London)
AU: Peter develops telepathy (Rivers of London)
AU: Peter meets Nightingale's ghost in the first book (Rivers of London)
AU: Varvara Sidorovna escapes and begins teaching students of her own (Rivers of London)
Rizzoli & Isles (TV)
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Frankie Rizzoli Jr. (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
Maura Isles (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
Relationship: Jane Rizzoli & Frankie Rizzoli Jr. (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
Relationship: Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
Relationship: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
AU: Frost doesn't die (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
AU: Jane and Maura have their first meeting when younger (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
AU: Jane's miscarriage never happens (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
AU: Lydia abandons her baby completely (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
AU: Not everyone lives through the parking garage collapse (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
AU: The post-Hoyt birthday party never happens (Rizzoli & Isles TV)
Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare
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Escalus (Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare)
Friar Lawrence (Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare)
Juliet Capulet (Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare)
Relationship: Benvolio Montague/Mercutio (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
Romeo Montague (Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare)
Rosaline (Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare)
AU: In SPAAACE (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
AU: Juliet asks Prince Escalus for help (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
AU: Juliet doesn't take the knockout drug (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
AU: Romeo and Juliet are a queer couple (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
AU: Same story but different genre (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
AU: Set in a different historical time and/or place (Romeo And Juliet - Shakespeare)
Sanctuary (TV)
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Helen Magnus (Sanctuary)
Relationship: Ashley Magnus/Clara Griffin (Sanctuary)
Relationship: Helen Magnus/Kate Freelander (Sanctuary)
Relationship: Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman (Sanctuary)
Relationship: Kate Freelander/Kali (Sanctuary)
AU: Harry Potter fusion (Sanctuary)
AU: it wasn't vampire blood - it was dragon blood (Sanctuary)
AU: Kate gets the macri instead of Will (Sanctuary)
AU: Kate never moved to Hollow Earth (Sanctuary)
AU: Mundane where Sanctuary is a secret girl fight club (Sanctuary)
AU: next-gen where the Five weren't long lived (Sanctuary)
AU: Nikola somehow manages to turn Watson into a vampire instead of letting him die (Sanctuary)
AU: Victorian age Watson somehow got transported to the present (Sanctuary)
AU: Will doesn't lose the macri (Sanctuary)
Sense8 (TV)
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Amanita Caplan (Sense8)
Nomi Marks (Sense8)
Relationship: Kala Dandekar/Wolfgang Bogdanow
Relationship: Sun Bak/Detective Mun
Will Gorski (Sense8)
Wolfgang Bogdanow (Sense8)
AU: cowboy (Sense8)
AU: librarian convention (Sense8)
AU: meeting at a support group (Sense8)
AU: pilots (Sense8)
AU: post season 1 Wolfgang goes to the US and meets Amanita in a dark alley (Sense8)
AU: same people - same geographical distribution - around the Age of Sail (Sense8)
AU: sensates are known and an integral and appreciated part of the space program (Sense8)
AU: space (Sense8)
AU: superhero/superpowers (Sense8)
AU: the cluster ends up accidentally bodyswapped and deaf to one another (Sense8)
Shadowhunters (TV)
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Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters)
Clary Fray (Shadowhunters)
Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)
Relationship: Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane (Shadowhunters)
AU: 2x03 Magnus's true love's kiss awakens Alec (Shadowhunters)
AU: Alec becomes immortal against his will (Shadowhunters)
AU: Alec is a Herondale and Jace is a Lightwood (Shadowhunters)
AU: Alec loses his memory permanently (Shadowhunters)
AU: Alec was born a mundane (Shadowhunters)
AU: Jace and Clary really are brother and sister (Shadowhunters)
AU: Jace dies and Alec has to cope with it (Shadowhunters)
AU: Magnus loses his memory permanently (Shadowhunters)
AU: Ragnor lives (Shadowhunters)
She-Ra: Princess Of Power
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Adam | He-Man (She-Ra)
Relationship: Adam & Adora (She-Ra)
Relationship: Adam/Adora (She-Ra)
Relationship: Adora/Bow/Adam (She-Ra)
Relationship: Adora/Sea Hawk (She-Ra)
AU: Adam is the One Stolen By Hordak and Raised By the Horde (She-Ra)
AU: Adora Stays on Eternia to Fight Skeletor and After His Defeat Both Twins Go to Etheria (She-Ra)
AU: Both Twins Are The Same Gender But Still Have Powers (She-Ra)
AU: Star Wars Fusion (She-Ra)
AU: The Horde Wins (She-Ra)
AU: The Rebellion Becomes Pirates Like Sea Hawk's Crew (She-Ra)
Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
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Jean Kirstein (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Relationship: Jean Kirstein/Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Relationship: Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Relationship: Levi Ackerman & Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Relationship: Levi Ackerman/Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Relationship: Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: Annie does not successfully crystallize (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: High School AU (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: Jean and Eren are leaders of their respective high school gangs (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: Jean's family takes Mikasa in after her parents' deaths (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: Mikasa is a titan shifter (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: Mikasa is raised by Levi or lives with him (Shingeki no Kyojin)
AU: Ymir survives to reunite with Historia (Shingeki no Kyojin)
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Jonathan Kent (Smallville)
Lana Lang (Smallville)
Lionel Luthor (Smallville)
Martha Kent (Smallville)
Pete Ross (Smallville)
Relationship: Clark Kent & Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Relationship: Clark Kent & Lex Luthor (Smallville)
Relationship: Clark Kent & Ryan James (Smallville)
Relationship: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Relationship: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor (Smallville)
Relationship: Martha Kent & Clark Kent (Smallville)
Relationship: Martha Kent/Jonathan Kent (Smallville)
Relationship: Whitney Fordman/Lana Lang (Smallville)
Ryan James (Smallville)
Whitney Fordman (Smallville)
AU: Body swap without black kryptonite (Smallville)
AU: Chloe and Pete remember what happened during Rush (Smallville)
AU: Chloe becomes Lois and Lois never comes to Smallville (Smallville)
AU: Chloe brings Clark home at the beginning of S3 (Smallville)
AU: Clark & Chloe don't quit dating after S1 (Smallville)
AU: Clark does not mumble Lana's name during Fever (Smallville)
AU: Clark is too late to save Lana from the tornado (Smallville)
AU: Clark tells Chloe his secret before S4 (Smallville)
AU: Clark tells Lex his secret while still in high school (Smallville)
AU: Clark's mom doesn't lose the baby in S2 (Smallville)
AU: Gabe doesn't survive the explosion at the end of S3 (Smallville)
AU: Jonathan doesn't die during the series (Smallville)
AU: Lana moves with her aunt to Metropolis (Smallville)
AU: Lex does not get back his inheritance during Prodigal (Smallville)
AU: Lex never drives off the bridge in pilot so Clark doesn't have to save him (Smallville)
AU: Lionel dies sometime during the first three seasons (Smallville)
AU: Ryan doesn't have a brain tumor so he lives (Smallville)
AU: S4 onward never happened (Smallville)
AU: Whitney returns alive from war for real (Smallville)
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
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Arianne Martell (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Asha Greyjoy & Alysane Mormont (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Brienne of Tarth (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Joanna Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Jon Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Relationship: Arya Stark & Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Relationship: Ashara Dayne & Elia Martell (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
Relationship: Daenerys Targaryen & Cersei Lannister & Asha Greyjoy & Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell
Relationship: Elia Martell & Aegon Targaryen & Rhaenys Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: Arianne Martell's rebellion succeeds (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: ASOIAF/Tortall universe fusion (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: Elia Martell and her children escape from King's Landing (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: Genderswap (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: In Space (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: Joanna Lannister survives Tyrion's birth (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: Ruling queen Elia Martell & chief spy Ashara Dayne (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: The War of the Five Queens (A Song of Ice and Fire - Martin)
AU: Travel across time and/or space (A Song of Ice and Fire – Martin)
Spartacus Series (TV)
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Relationship: Belesa/Saxa (Spartacus)
Relationship: Gaia/Lucretia (Spartacus)
Relationship: Mira/Saxa (Spartacus)
AU: Battle Girlfriends (Spartacus)
AU: Female Gladiators (Spartacus)
AU: Lucretia Marries Gaia Instead (Spartacus)
AU: Mira Lives (Spartacus)
AU: No Sapphic Characters Die (Spartacus)
AU: Women's Prison (Spartacus)
Stand Still Stay Silent
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Relationship: Hildur Árnadóttir/Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen/Original Kade Character (SSSS)
Relationship: Reynir Árnason/Lalli Hotakainen (Stand Still Stay Silent)
AU: City of Hunger Fusion (Stand Still Stay Silent)
AU: Fifth Element Fusion (Stand Still Stay Silent)
AU: Pokemon AU (Stand Still Stay Silent)
AU: Rule 63 (Stand Still Stay Silent)
AU: Sedoretu (Stand Still Stay Silent)
AU: Soulmate (Stand Still Stay Silent)
Star Trek - Alternate Timeline
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Enterprise Crew (Star Trek - Alternate Timeline)
Hikaru Sulu (Alternate Timeline)
James Kirk (Alternate Timeline)
Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Star Trek - Alternate Timeline)
Montgomery Scott (Alternate Timeline)
Nyota Uhura (Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: James T. Kirk & Spock (Star Trek - Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: James T. Kirk/Nyota Uhura (Star Trek - Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: James T. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek - Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: Winona Kirk/Amanda Grayson (Star Trek Alternate Timeline)
Spock (Alternate Timeline)
Spock Prime (Star Trek - Alternate Timeline)
AU: Characters met as kids (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Dystopia (Alternate Timeline)
AU: George Kirk lives (Alternate Timeline)
AU: High School (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Kirk and Uhura were childhood sweethearts (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Kirk has a brother in Star Fleet (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Kirk is Deaf (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Kirk is not human (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Nero destroys Earth (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Same crew but everyone has a different job (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Sarek dies instead of Amanda (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Sarek dies when Spock is a child (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Soulmates (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Spock has a sister on the Enterprise (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Spock Prime arrives earlier (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Spock stays captain (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Zombie Apocalypse (Alternate Timeline)
Star Trek - Original Timeline
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Borg Queen (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Damar (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Elim Garak (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Female Changeling (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Mirror Ezri Dax (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Original terminally ill character (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Q (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Relationship: Benjamin Sisko/Kasidy Yates (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Relationship: Ezri Dax/Lenara Kahn (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Good Kirk/Bad Kirk (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Ezri (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Leonard McCoy (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Jadzia Dax/Seven of Nine (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Relationship: James T. Kirk & Spock (Star Trek - Original Timeline)
Relationship: James T. Kirk/Spock (Star Trek - Original Timeline)
Relationship: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak (Star Trek Original Timeline)
Relationship: Julian Bashir/Miles O'Brien (Original Timeline)
Relationship: William Riker & Q (Original Timeline)
Relationship: William Riker/Deanna Troi (Star Trek - Original Timeline)
Seven of Nine (Star Trek Original Timeline)
TNG Enterprise Crew (Star Trek - Original Timeline)
TOS Enterprise Crew (Star Trek - Original Timeline)
Voyager crew (Star Trek Original Timeline)
William Riker (Original Timeline)
AU: Borg attempts to assimilate Female Changeling (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Borg attempts to assimilate Q (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Borg Win (Original Timeline)
AU: Characters met as kids (Original Timeline)
AU: Characters swap jobs (Original Timeline)
AU: Damar survives the final battle for Cardassia (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Dystopia (Original Timeline)
AU: Ezri Dax meets Jadzia Dax via temporal shenanigans (Original Timeline)
AU: Ezri is joined with Kahn instead of Dax (Original Timeline)
AU: Ezri isn't joined but is on DS9 anyway (Original Timeline)
AU: Final episode - Voyager opts to return to Delta Quadrant (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Garak asks Julian to go to Cardassia with him (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Garak first arrives on DS9 in 3x15 Destiny (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: High School (Original Timeline)
AU: Jadzia lived (Original Timeline)
AU: Jadzia was on Voyager (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Kirk isn't reintegrated after the transporter accident (Original Timeline)
AU: Kirk survives Generations (Original Timeline)
AU: Lenara Stays on DS9 (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: mirror Ezri doesn't return to mirror universe (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Modern/Human (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: No Dominion War (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Riker actually joined the Q Continuum (Original Timeline)
AU: Sisko remains on Deep Space Nine at the end of the finale (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Soulmate with species differences in bonds/marks (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Stuck in TOS era after Trials and Tribble-ations (Original Timeline)
AU: Terminally ill individual wants to be assimilated (Star Trek Original Timeline)
AU: Zombie Apocalypse (Original Timeline)
Star Trek: Rihannsu
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Ael t'Rllaillieu (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
Arrhae t'Llhweiir (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
Gurrhim tr'Siedhri (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
S'task (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
Surak (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
Tafv tr'Rllaillieu (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
AU: Ael remains in exile (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
AU: Rihannsu make second contact & fight war with Klingons rather than Federation
AU: Surak captured by pirates instead of S'task (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
AU: Tafv stays loyal to Ael and is her heir (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
AU: Vulcan First Contact is with the Hamalki (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
AU: Young Wizards Fusion (Star Trek: Rihannsu)
Star Wars - Canon
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Bodhi Rook (Star Wars - Canon)
Cassian Andor (Star Wars - Canon)
CC-2224 | Cody (Star Wars - Canon)
Finn (Star Wars - Canon)
Han Solo (Star Wars - Canon)
Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Leia Organa (Star Wars - Canon)
Luke Skywalker (Star Wars - Canon)
Maz Kanata (Star Wars - Canon)
Mon Mothma (Star Wars - Canon)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars - Canon)
Padmé Amidala (Star Wars - Canon)
Poe Dameron (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Anakin Skywalker & Shmi Skywalker (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Barriss Offee/Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: C-3PO & R2-D2 (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Cassian Andor & K-2SO (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Cassian Andor/Bodhi Rook (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso/Bodhi Rook (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: CC-2224 | Cody & CT-7567 | Rex (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Darth Vader/Wilhuff Tarkin (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Finn & Kylo Ren | Ben Solo (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Finn/Poe Dameron/Rey (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Finn/Rey (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso & Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso/Bodhi Rook (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso/Lyra Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Galen Erso/Orson Krennic (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Han Solo/Leia Organa (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Kit Fisto/Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Leia Organa/Luke Skywalker (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Leia Organa/Mon Mothma (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Luke Skywalker/Han Solo/Leia Organa (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Luke Skywalker/Lando Calrissian (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Lyra Erso & Jyn Erso (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Darth Maul (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Padmé Amidala/Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Padmé Amidala/Sabé (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Poe Dameron/Finn (Star Wars - Canon)
Relationship: Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars - Canon)
Rey (Star Wars - Canon)
Rogue One - Team (Star Wars - Canon)
Snoke (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: 1920s / Moonshining (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: all of them live (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Anakin Skywalker does not turn to the Dark Side (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: art thieves (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: At Least One Member of Rogue One Crew Survives (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Bodhi is secretly a tentacle monster (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Buddy cop police officers in Coruscant (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: C-3PO's Memory Is Not Wiped in Episode III (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Cassian is an Imperial spy (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Clones stop Order 66 (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: College AU (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Darth Maul joins the Rebellion to get revenge on Sidious (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Darth Vader raises the twins in the Empire (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Dragons (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Everybody Lives Nobody Dies (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Finn and Poe find each other at the wreckage before venturing into desert (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Finn is a stolen prince from a Wakanda-like planet (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Finn is Han's younger son (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Finn reverts to his training and turns evil (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: firefighters (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Firefly/Serenity Fusion (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Galen convinces Krennic to defect (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Galen doesn't die on Eadu (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Jedi are assigned mates at maturity (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Jedi character is a Sith (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Jedi Leia (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Krennic finds Jyn on Lah'mu and captures her (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Kylo Ren fails to kill Han Solo (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Leia did become a Jedi and goes after the New Order herself (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Leia isn't captured by Vader (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Leia Trains As A Jedi Post Episode VI (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Leia Was Raised On Tatooine and Luke Was Raised On Alderaan (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Luke doesn't go to Dagobah (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Luke is sold into slavery as a child on Tatooine (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Lyra doesn't die on Lah'mu (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Maz Kanata is an old enemy of Supreme Leader Snoke (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: meeting again at a high school reunion (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Mon Mothma founds the Resistance (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: new neighbors (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Obi-Wan and Padmé raise Luke and Leia together and create a new Jedi Order (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Obi-Wan kills Anakin (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Padmé Survives to Lead the Resistance (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Poe is Deaf (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Poe is younger and just starting out when The Force Awakens happens (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Poe's mother Shara Bey is alive (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Qui-Gon lives but Anakin is still Obi-Wan's Padawan (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Rey and Kylo Ren Are Siblings (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Rey is Deaf (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Rogue One characters survive their mission (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Royalty AU (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Shmi comes to Coruscant with Anakin (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: some of them live (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: Someone else causes the Purge and Anakin raises his kids as smugglers (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: The Death Star isn't destroyed at the end of ANH (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: The Jedi oppose slavery (Star Wars - Canon)
AU: The Sith rule the galaxy and being a Jedi is forbidden (Star Wars - Canon) – Relationship
Stargate - All Media Types
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Aiden Ford (Stargate)
Any SG1 Team (Stargate)
Relationship: Adam Brody/Dale Volker (Stargate)
Relationship: Camile Wray/Sharon Walker (Stargate)
Relationship: Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran (Stargate)
Relationship: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell (Stargate)
Relationship: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir (Stargate)
Relationship: Nicholas Rush/Everett Young (Stargate)
Relationship: Rodney McKay & John Sheppard & Todd (Stargate)
Relationship: Ronald Greer & Camile Wray (Stargate)
Relationship: Samantha "Sam" Carter/Janet Fraiser (Stargate)
Relationship: Samantha Carter/Cameron Mitchell (Stargate)
Relationship: Teyla Emmagan & Elizabeth Weir (Stargate)
Relationship: Teyla Emmagan & Ronon Dex & Rodney McKay & John Sheppard & Todd (Stargate)
Relationship: Teyla Emmagan & Ronon Dex & Rodney McKay & John Sheppard (Stargate)
Relationship: Teyla Emmagan & Ronon Dex (Stargate)
Relationship: Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard (Stargate)
Ronon Dex (Stargate)
SGU Team (Stargate)
Teyla Emmagan (Stargate)
Todd (Stargate)
Vegasverse John Sheppard (Stargate)
AU: Aiden Ford remains on Atlantis (Stargate)
AU: assassin (Stargate)
AU: Atlantis is never able to dial Earth (Stargate)
AU: Black Jewels Fantasy (Stargate)
AU: cop/person getting speeding ticket (Stargate)
AU: Destiny returns to Earth (Stargate)
AU: Duplicate Weir joins Atlantis (Stargate)
AU: Dystopia (Stargate)
AU: Elizabeth struggling with her Replicator instincts against Teyla's Wraith DNA (Stargate)
AU: hospital (Stargate)
AU: Independent Atlantis (Stargate)
AU: Janet doesn't die (Stargate)
AU: Pegasus cultures are already in Atlantis when Earth expedition arrives (Stargate)
AU: restaurant (Stargate)
AU: soulmate (Stargate)
AU: Teyla and Ronon fight the Wraith with other Pegasus People (Stargate)
AU: Teyla's Wraith DNA calls to John's Iratus (Stargate)
AU: Todd becomes blood drinking vampire rather than life force drinking (Stargate)
AU: Todd is "cured" of life sucking and joins Sheppard's gate team (Stargate)
AU: Vegasverse John Sheppard survives and is recruited to Atlantis (Stargate)
AU: Weir Ascends/Descends (Stargate)
AU: Wings (Stargate)
AU: WWII (Stargate)
Steven Universe (Cartoon)
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Relationship: Bismuth & Steven Universe (Steven Universe)
Relationship: Centipeetle (Steven Universe)
Relationship: Garnet & Amethyst & Pearl & Steven Universe (Steven Universe)
Relationship: Jasper & Steven Universe (Steven Universe)
Relationship: Rose Quartz & Steven Universe (Steven Universe)
Relationship: Topaz (Steven Universe)
AU: Bismuth Joins the New Crystal Gems After Steven Frees Her (Steven Universe)
AU: Crystal Gems As Normal Humans (Steven Universe)
AU: Jasper Joins the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)
AU: Rose Survives to Raise Steven (Steven Universe)
AU: Steven Heals the Centipeetle Successfully (Steven Universe)
AU: The Topazes Escape to Earth With Steven (Steven Universe)
The Storyteller (TV)
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Relationship: The Prince/Straggletag | Sapsorrow (Storyteller) AU: Sapsorrow doesn't instantly reveal who she is and marries the Prince as Straggletag
AU: Sapsorrow never attends any of the balls (Storyteller)
AU: The Prince suggests a marriage of convenience between himself and Straggletag
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Hunters - any (Supernatural)
John Winchester (Supernatural)
Relationship: Bela Talbot/Gabriel (Supernatural)
Relationship: Castiel/Meg (Supernatural)
Relationship: Jo Harvelle & Ellen Harvelle (Supernatural)
Relationship: Mary Winchester/John Winchester (Supernatural)
Relationship: Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Relationship: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
AU: bootlegger (Supernatural)
AU: Gabriel pulls Bela from Hell (Supernatural)
AU: hacker (Supernatural)
AU: John doesn't die (Supernatural)
AU: John is brought back to life (Supernatural)
AU: meeting online (Supernatural)
AU: Meg doesn't die (Supernatural)
AU: military (Supernatural)
AU: museum (Supernatural)
AU: paramedics (Supernatural)
AU: Private detective and client (Supernatural)
AU: Soulmate tattoos (Supernatural)
Teen Wolf (TV)
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Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Jackson Whittemore/Danny Mahealani (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Jennifer Blake/Kali (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Lydia Martin/Cora Hale (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Lydia Martin/Peter Hale (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Stiles Stilinksi/Danny Mahealani (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Stiles Stilinski & Sheriff Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
Relationship: Vernon Boyd/Erica Reyes (Teen Wolf)
AU: 1940s Noir (Teen Wolf)
AU: Alpha!Cora (Teen Wolf)
AU: Banshee are connected to a specific werewolf (Teen Wolf)
AU: Danny admitted to a secret crush on Stiles (Teen Wolf)
AU: Danny is supernatural/magic (Teen Wolf)
AU: Danny never left Beacon Hills (Teen Wolf)
AU: Erica & Boyd don't die (Teen Wolf)
AU: Greek Gods and Goddesses (Teen Wolf)
AU: One cannot die while the other one lives (Teen Wolf)
AU: peaceful Beacon Hills (Teen Wolf)
AU: Stiles has magic (Teen Wolf)
AU: Superhero (Teen Wolf)
Temeraire - Naomi Novik
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Emily Roland (Temeraire)
John Granby (Temeraire)
Relationship: William Laurence & John Granby (Temeraire)
Relationship: William Laurence/Tenzing Tharkay (Temeraire)
Tenzing Tharkay (Temeraire)
William Laurence (Temeraire)
AU: Dragons need two Captains à la Pacific Rim (Temeraire)
AU: Laurence is married off to Tharkay at a young age to secure trade agreements (Temeraire)
AU: Laurence never regains his memory (Temeraire)
AU: Laurence takes an injury and is forcibly removed from his post mid war (Temeraire)
AU: Spaceeeee! Dragons are space whales (Temeraire)
AU: Tharkay is and always has been a woman dressing and acting as a man (Temeraire)
Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis
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Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis)
Relationship: Atobe Keigo/Hiyoshi Wakashi (Prince of Tennis)
Relationship: Inui Sadaharu & Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis)
Relationship: Inui Sadaharu/Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis)
Relationship: Yanagi Renji/Kirihara Akaya (Prince of Tennis)
AU: Coffee Shop AU (Prince of Tennis)
AU: Omegaverse (Prince of Tennis)
AU: Superheroes/Supervillains AU (Prince of Tennis)
That '70s Show
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Relationship: Jackie Burkhart/Steven Hyde (That '70s Show) AU: Pregnant Jackie (That '70s Show)
AU: Reconciliation (That '70s Show)
AU: Soulmates (That '70s Show)
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
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Relationship: Croach the Tracker & Sparks Nevada (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Relationship: Croach the Tracker/The Red Plains Rider (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Relationship: Jib Janeen (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Relationship: Sadie Doyle/Frank Doyle (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Relationship: Sparks Nevada & Croach the Tracker & The Red Plains Rider (Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Relationship: Sparks Nevada/Ginny West (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
AU: Beyond Belief Is In a Modern Setting (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
AU: Croach's Baby is Really Sparks's and They Keep It (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
AU: Daemon AU (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
AU: Ginny Is Not a Jupiter Spy (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
AU: Sadie Or Frank Is a Ghost (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
AU: Sparks Nevada Is Marshal on Jupiter (The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Tiger & Bunny
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Kaburagi Kaede (Tiger & Bunny)
Relationship: Ivan Karelin/Kaburagi Kaede (Tiger & Bunny)
Relationship: Keith Goodman/Kaburagi Kotetsu (Tiger & Bunny)
Relationship: Yuri Petrov/Kaburagi Kotetsu (Tiger & Bunny)
AU: Kaede debuts as a hero alongside her father (Tiger & Bunny)
AU: Kaede enrolls at the Hero Academy and Ivan is her teacher (Tiger & Bunny)
AU: Omegaverse (Tiger & Bunny)
AU: Yuri discovers Kotetsu's secret identity early on in the series (Tiger & Bunny)
Tokyo Babylon
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Lady Sumeragi (Tokyo Babylon)
Relationship: Sakurazuka Seishirou & Sumeragi Hokuto (Tokyo Babylon)
Relationship: Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru (Tokyo Babylon)
Sakurazuka Seishirou (Tokyo Babylon)
Sumeragi Hokuto (Tokyo Babylon)
Sumeragi Subaru (Tokyo Babylon)
AU: Seishirou falls in love with Subaru (Tokyo Babylon)
AU: Soulmarks (Tokyo Babylon)
AU: Subaru realizes Seishirou's identity early in the manga (Tokyo Babylon)
The Tudors (TV)
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Mary Tudor (The Tudors)
Relationship: Mary Tudor & Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)
AU: Mary becomes Queen after Henry dies jousting (The Tudors)
AU: Mary is not bastardised but Henry still marries Anne (The Tudors)
Undertale (Video Game)
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Relationship: Chara & Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale)
Relationship: Frisk & Chara (Undertale)
Relationship: Frisk/Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale)
Relationship: Undyne/Alphys (Undertale)
AU: Asriel Survives and Becomes Caretaker of the Ruins After Chara's Death (Undertale)
AU: In SPAAAAACE! (Undertale)
AU: Species Swap Where Humans Are Monsters and Monsters Are Humans (Undertale)
AU: The Underground is Cruel & Violent Instead of Kind & Benevolent (Undertale)
AU: Undyne Wins in the No Mercy Route (Undertale)
Veronica Mars (TV)
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Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie (Veronica Mars)
Dick Casablancas (Veronica Mars)
Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)
Relationship: Dick Casablancas/Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie (Veronica Mars)
Relationship: Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
AU: Logan Veronica Dick and Mac know each other as little kids (Veronica Mars)
AU: The Kanes do not exist (Veronica Mars)
Vikings (TV)
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Relationship: Athelstan/Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings) AU: accidental mindlink (Vikings)
AU: all viking warriors are animal shapeshifters and Athelstan gets initiated (Vikings)
AU: au set in the universe of the Vorkosigan Saga and Athelstan is from Athos (Vikings)
AU: dragon!au (Vikings)
AU: modern au with Scandinavians and Athelstan the British ex-pat in Denmark (Vikings)
Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Relationship: Allura & Coran & Shiro & Keith & Pidge & Lance & Hunk (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
Relationship: Haggar/Allura (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
Relationship: Shiro/Keith (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
AU: Fifth Element Fusion (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
AU: Soulmate (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
AU: Team Voltron But Everyone is Altean (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
Voyná i mir | War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy
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Amelie Bourienne (War and Peace)
Relationship: Amelie Bourienne & Andrei Bolkonsky & Marya Bolkonskaya (War and Peace)
Relationship: Amelie Bourienne & Lise Bolkonskaya (War and Peace)
Relationship: Amelie Bourienne/Marya Bolkonskaya (War and Peace)
Relationship: Andrei Bolkonsky/Lise Bolkonskaya (War and Peace)
Sonya Rostova (War and Peace)
AU: Bourienne is a Time-Traveller (War and Peace)
AU: Crossdressing (War and Peace)
AU: Film Noir and Bourienne is the Femme Fatale (War and Peace)
AU: Marya Doesn't Marry Nikolai (War and Peace)
AU: She's into Bondage (War and Peace)
AU: War of the Sexes (War and Peace)
Warcraft (2016)
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Relationship: Anduin Lothar/Callan Lothar (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Anduin Lothar/Llane Wrynn (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Anduin Lothar/Medivh (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Draka/Durotan/Garona Halforcen (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Draka/Durotan/Khadgar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Durotan/Khadgar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Durotan/Khadgar/Anduin Lothar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Garona Halforcen/Anduin Lothar (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Garona Halforcen/Taria Wrynn (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Gul'dan/Khadgar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Khadgar/Anduin Lothar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Khadgar/Anduin Lothar/Callan Lothar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Khadgar/Anduin Lothar/Callan Lothar/Medivh (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Khadgar/Anduin Lothar/Medivh (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Khadgar/Medivh (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Khadgar/Sargeras (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
Relationship: Llane Wrynn/Garona Halforcen/Taria Wrynn (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Llane Wrynn/Taria Wrynn/Anduin Lothar (Warcraft (2016))
Relationship: Medivh/Sargeras (Warcraft (2016)) - Character
AU: Durotan is Captured with Garona (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Durotan Survives (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Durotan's Coup is Successful (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Finding Peace/An End to the War (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Garona Kills Gul'dan (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Garona's True Actions are Revealed (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Gul'dan Captured Khadgar (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Gul'dan Wins (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Kept as a Breeder (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Kept as a Pet (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Khadgar is Captured by the Orcs (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Khadgar is Medivh's Apprentice (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Khadgar Saves Callan Lothar (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Life Debts are Serious Business (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Llane Wrynn is Unable to Father Children (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Magic Made Them Do It (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Medivh Fights off Sargeras (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Medivh was Not the One to Invite the Orcs to Azeroth (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Sex Slave (Warcraft (2016))
AU: Soul Bonds (Warcraft (2016))
AU: The Fel Leaves Something Behind (Warcraft (2016))
Warehouse 13
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Artie Nielsen
Claudia Donovan
Helena "H. G." Wells
James MacPherson
Leena (Warehouse 13)
Pete Lattimer
AU: Claudia does not have an evil twin (Warehouse 13)
AU: HG's motivation for destroying the world lies with a prophecy (Warehouse 13)
AU: Leena lives (Warehouse 13)
AU: MacPherson and Artie were lovers before Artie betrayed him (Warehouse 13)
AU: Myka leaves Pete behind and returns to DC (Warehouse 13)
AU: Pete's clairvoyance is not inherited but unique only to him (Warehouse 13)
AU: Enemies forced to work together (Witcher)
The West Wing
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Abbey Bartlet
Amy Gardner
C. J. Cregg
Glen Allen Walken
Doug Wegland
Toby Ziegler
AU: After Bartlet's Re-Election Abbey Files For Divorce (West Wing)
AU: Amy And Josh Stay A Couple Throughout The Series (West Wing)
AU: Doug (Wegland) Works For Ritchie (West Wing)
AU: The President Doesn't Run Again After Disclosing His MS (West Wing)
AU: They Never Get Zoey Back (West Wing)
AU: Toby Was Covering For CJ With The Leaks (West Wing)
Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game)
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Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon & Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia (Witcher)
Relationship: Avallac'h | Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha/Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (Witcher)
Relationship: Avallac'h | Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha/Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia (Witcher)
Relationship: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon/Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia (Witcher)
Relationship: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon/Original Male Creature(s) (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt of Rivia/Triss Merigold/Yennefer of Vengerberg (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Iorveth (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Original Male Character(s) (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Original Male Creature(s) (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Triss Merigold (Witcher)
Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Yennefer z Vengerbergu | Yennefer of Vengerberg
AU: Geralt finds himself on the receiving end of the Law of Surprise once again (Witcher)
AU: Geralt is captured by Witcher haters (Witcher)
AU: Geralt plays host to a creature (Witcher)
AU: Kept as a Breeder (Witcher)
AU: Magic Made Them Do It (Witcher)
AU: Marriage of Convenience (Witcher)
AU: Self-sacrifice to save a loved one (Witcher)
AU: Soul Bonds (Witcher)
AU: The curse of immortality (Witcher)
AU: Trapped between time and space (Witcher)
AU: Witcher "parts" are highly sought after as curatives/blessings (Witcher)
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Bertie Wooster (Wodehouse)
Dahlia Travers (Wodehouse)
Lord Emsworth (Wodehouse)
Mike Jackson (Wodehouse)
Reginald Jeeves (Wodehouse)
Relationship: Bertie Wooster/Rockmeteller Todd (Wodehouse)
Relationship: Mike Jackson/Rupert Psmith (Wodehouse)
Relationship: Reginald Jeeves & Bertie Wooster (Wodehouse)
Relationship: Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster (Wodehouse)
Rupert Psmith (Wodehouse)
AU: Baxter is actually a bad guy (Wodehouse)
AU: Character is an ageless immortal (Wodehouse)
AU: character loses their money (Wodehouse)
AU: Character's family never lost their money (Wodehouse)
AU: Characters from different series are related (Wodehouse)
AU: Jeeves never worked for Bertie (Wodehouse)
AU: Madeleine chose Bertie over Gussie (Wodehouse)
AU: magic exists (Wodehouse)
AU: Never went to Sedleigh and met later (Wodehouse)
AU: spies (Wodehouse)
Wolf 359 (Radio)
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Relationship: Daniel Jacobi & Alana Maxwell (Wolf 359)
Relationship: Doug Eiffel/Daniel Jacobi (Wolf 359)
Relationship: Isabel Lovelace/Renée Minkowski (Wolf 359)
Relationship: Mace Fisher/Corey (Wolf 359)
AU: Band/Orchestra (Wolf 359)
AU: Canon divergence (Everyone lives no one dies) (Wolf 359)
AU: No Dear Listeners (Wolf 359)
AU: Red vs Blue (Wolf 359)
AU: Stargate (Wolf 359)
Women's Murder Club (TV)
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Cindy Thomas (WMC TV)
Claire Washburn (WMC TV)
Jill Bernhardt (WMC TV)
Lindsay Boxer (WMC TV)
Relationship: Lindsay Boxer & Cindy Thomas (WMC TV)
Relationship: Lindsay Boxer/Cindy Thomas (WMC TV)
AU: Cindy is injured while being a decoy (WMC TV)
AU: Lindsay stays with Cindy in the hospital instead of Jill (WMC TV)
AU: Lindsay's pregnancy test is positive (WMC TV)
World of Warcraft
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Relationship: Garrosh Hellscream/Anduin Wrynn (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Gul'dan/Varian Wrynn (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Illidan Stormrage/Lor'themar Theron (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Illidan Stormrage/Malfurion Stormrage (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Illidan Stormrage/Sargeras (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Illidan Stormrage/Tyrande Whisperwind (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Khadgar/Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Lor'themar Theron/Anduin Wrynn (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Maiev Shadowsong/Illidan Stormrage (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Sylvanas Windrunner & Anduin Wrynn (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Sylvanas Windrunner & Varian Wrynn (World of Warcraft)
Relationship: Wrathion/Anduin Wrynn (World of Warcraft)
AU: Betrayal for the greater good (World of Warcraft)
AU: Captured by the Legion (World of Warcraft)
AU: Enemies forced to work together (World of Warcraft)
AU: Finding Peace/An End to the War (World of Warcraft)
AU: Gul'dan Captures Varian's Soul When Destroying His Body (World of Warcraft)
AU: Illidan is captured by Sargeras (World of Warcraft)
AU: Magic Made Them Do It (World of Warcraft)
AU: Self-sacrifice in exchange for peace (World of Warcraft)
AU: Sex Slave (World of Warcraft)
AU: Sylvanas raises Varian as a Death Knight (World of Warcraft)
AU: The Alliance Falls to the Horde (World of Warcraft)
AU: Turned into a vampire (World of Warcraft)
World Wrestling Entertainment
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Relationship: Bayley/Asuka (WWE)
Relationship: Becky Lynch/Charlotte (WWE)
Relationship: Sasha Banks/Charlotte (WWE)
AU: Detective & Criminal (WWE)
AU: Non-Wrestling (WWE)
AU: Youtuber / Internet Celebrity (WWE)
X -エックス- | X/1999
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Relationship: Monou Fuuma/Shirou Kamui (X/1999)
Relationship: Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru (X/1999)
Sakurazuka Seishirou (X/1999)
Shirou Kamui (X/1999)
Sumeragi Subaru (X/1999)
AU: Apocolapse after the Promised Day (X/1999)
AU: Fuuma and Kamui don't meet until 1999 (X/1999)
AU: Fuuma becomes a Dragon of Heaven (X/1999)
AU: Rainbow Bridge doesn't happen at all (X/1999)
AU: Rainbow Bridge happens differently (X/1999)
The X-Files
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Dana Scully (X-Files)
Fox Mulder (X-Files)
Relationship: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder (X-Files)
AU: Mulder's Never Abducted (X-Files)
AU: Scully Goes Back In Time (X-Files)
AU: William's Never Given Up For Adoption (X-Files)
X-Men/Deadpool Movie Franchise
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Clarice Ferguson (Original Timeline)
Laura (Alternate Timeline)
Ororo Munroe (Original Timeline)
Peter Maximoff (Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: Bobby Drake & Kitty Pryde & Rogue (Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: Bobby Drake/Kitty Pryde (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Ellie Phimister & Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
Relationship: Jean G. & Jubilation L. & Peter M. & Ororo M. & Scott S. & Kurt W. (AT)
Relationship: John Allerdyce/Kitty Pryde (Original Timeline)
Relationship: John Allerdyce/Rogue (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Logan & Rogue (Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: Logan & Rogue (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Logan/Scott Summers (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Rogue/Scott Summers (Alternate Timeline)
Relationship: Rogue/Scott Summers (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Scott Summers & Ororo Munroe (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Scott Summers & Rogue (Original Timeline)
Relationship: Scott Summers/Ororo Munroe (Original Timeline)
Rictor (Alternate Timeline)
Rogue (Alternate Timeline)
Rogue (Original Timeline)
Scott Summers (Alternate Timeline)
Scott Summers (Original Timeline)
AU: Cure not created (Original Timeline)
AU: D&D like setting (X-Men/Deadpool)
AU: Deadpool & Negasonic part of Kitty's team in bad future (Original Timeline)
AU: Erik Is With The X-Men (Alternate Timeline) – Relationship
AU: If Jay Garrick (DC) had been a mentor/father figure for Peter Maximoff (X-Men /Deadpool)
AU: Jean and Logan Are A Couple (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Jean stays dead after X2 and the Phoenix never appears (Original Timeline)
AU: John doesn't join Brotherhood (Original Timeline)
AU: Pirates (X-Men/Deadpool)
AU: Power Swap (Original Timeline)
AU: Professor X and Scott survive X3 (Original Timeline)
AU: Rogue and Logan don't run into anyone when they first meet (Original Timeline)
AU: Rogue doesn't take the cure (Original Timeline) – Relationship
AU: Rogue joins Brotherhood with John (Original Timeline)
AU: Scott still alive in bad timeline (Original Timeline)
AU: Scott was never involved with Jean romantically (Original Timeline)
AU: Soulmates (Original Timeline)
AU: The kids got caught by the Reavers and hauled back to Transigen (Alternate Timeline)
AU: The X-Men never died (Alternate Timeline)
AU: Wild West with fantasy elements (X-Men/Deadpool)
AU: X-Men Waiting At Eden (Alternate Timeline) – Relationship
AU: X3 Never Happened (Original Timeline)
X-Men: The Animated Series
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Nightcrawler (X-Men: TAS)
Raven | Mystique (X-Men: TAS)
Relationship: Charles Xavier & Magneto & Ka-Zar (X-Men: TAS)
Relationship: Wolverine & Gambit (X-Men: TAS)
Relationship: Wolverine/Nightcrawler (X-Men: TAS)
Wolverine (X-Men: TAS)
AU: Gambit Stays With Bella (X-Men: TAS)
AU: Genderswap (X-Men: TAS)
AU: Mystique Raises Nightcrawler (X-Men: TAS)
AU: Nightcrawler Joins The X-Men In His Intro Episode (X-Men: TAS)
AU: Wolverine Joins Starfleet (X-Men: TAS)
AU: X-Men Are The Most Beloved Heroes In The Marvel Universe (X-Men: TAS)
AU: Xavier Never Escapes The Savage Land (X-Men: TAS)
Xena: Warrior Princess
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Cyane (XWP)
Relationship: Alti/Callisto (XWP)
Relationship: Athena/Ilainus (XWP)
Relationship: Eve | Livia & Gabrielle & Xena (XWP)
Relationship: Eve | Livia/Varia (XWP)
Relationship: Xena/Lao Ma (XWP)
AU: Alti and Callisto Know Each Other (XWP)
AU: Battle Girlfriends (XWP)
AU: Eve Grows Up As An Amazon (XWP)
AU: Lesbians in Space (XWP)
AU: No Twilight of the Gods (XWP)
AU: Xena Becomes Lao Ma's Warrior Princess (XWP)
Year in Hereafter (Webcomic)
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Relationship: Sakari Harmonsuo & Mika Lapintaival & Veeti Harmonsuo & Jaakko Ilmarinen (YiH)
Relationship: Veeti Harmonsuo/Jaakko Ilmarinen (YiH)
Siiri Harmonsuo (Year in Hereafter)
AU: A Redtail's Dream Fusion (Year in Hereafter)
AU: Rule 63 (Year in Hereafter)
AU: SSSS Fusion/Year 0 (Year in Hereafter)
Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
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Relationship: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Relationship: Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Relationship: Victor Nikiforov & Makkachin (Yuri!!! On Ice)
Relationship: Victor Nikiforov & Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! On Ice)
Relationship: Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! On Ice)
Victor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! on Ice)
AU: Full Cast Genderswap (Yuri!!! on Ice)
AU: Soulmates (Yuri!!! On Ice)
AU: Victor disappeared to travel around the world with Makkachin (Yuri!!! On Ice)
AU: Victor is the god of skating (Yuri!!! On Ice)
AU: Victor never went to the post-GPF banquet (Yuri!!! On Ice)
AU: Victor stayed in Russia to become Yuri's coach (Yuri!!! On Ice)
サムライフラメンコ | Samurai Flamenco
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Gotou Hidenori (Samurai Flamenco)
Hazama Masayoshi (Samurai Flamenco)
Relationship: Gotou Hidenori & Hazama Masayoshi (Samurai Flamenco
Relationship: Gotou Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi (Samurai Flamenco)
AU: Guillotine Gorilla & the events after were imagined by Masayoshi (Samurai Flamenco)
AU: Harry Potter setting with Gotou as Auror (Samurai Flamenco)
AU: Masayoshi becomes World President (Samurai Flamenco)
弱虫ペダル | Yowamushi Pedal
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Relationship: Arakita Yasutomo/Onoda Sakamichi (Yowamushi Pedal)
Relationship: Midousuji Akira/Onoda Sakamichi (Yowamushi Pedal)
Relationship: Toudou Jinpachi/Makishima Yuusuke (Yowamushi Pedal)<
AU: Omegaverse (Yowamushi Pedal)
AU: Red Riding Hood AU - Arakita is the wolf and Onoda is Red (Yowamushi Pedal)
AU: Superheroes/Supervillains AU (Yowamushi Pedal)
惡戰 | Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (2014)
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Relationship: Long Qi/Ma Yongzhen (Once Upon A Time In Shanghai) AU: Ma Yongzhen manages to break through the door and save Long Qi (OUATIS)
AU: Reincarnation (Once Upon A Time In Shanghai)
魔法少女育成計画 | Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku | Magical Girl Raising Project (Anime)
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Chika Tatehara | Pechika/Nene Ono | Clantail (Magical Girl Raising Project)
Hatoda Ako | Hardgore Alice/Himekawa Koyuki | Snow White (Magical Girl Raising Project)
Kanoe Hitokouji | Pfle/Mamori Totoyama | Shadow Gale (Magical Girl Raising Project)
Kaori Ninotsugi | Rain Pou/Tatsuko Sakaki | Postarie (Magical Girl Raising Project)
Mana (Magical Girl Raising Project)/Nanaya Kotori | 7753 (Magical Girl Raising Project)
Shizuku Ashuu | Weiss Winterprison/Nana Habutae | Sister Nana (Magical Girl Raising Project)
AU: Fairies (Magical Girl Raising Project)
AU: Fantasy with Dragons and Magic (Magical Girl Raising Project)
AU: Idols (Magical Girl Raising Project)
AU: Merpeople (Magical Girl Raising Project)
AU: Superheroes (Magical Girl Raising Project)
魔警 | That Demon Within (2014)
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Relationship: Hon Kong/Dave Wong (That Demon Within) AU: Both Dave and Hon Kong survive (That Demon Within)
AU: Hon Kong is really there when Dave sees him (That Demon Within)
龍が如く | Ryuu ga Gotoku | Yakuza (Video Games)
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Relationship: Kiryu Kazuma/Majima Goro (Yakuza)
Relationship: Kiryu Kazuma/Nishikiyama Akira (Yakuza)
Relationship: Majima Goro/Makimura Makoto (Yakuza)
Relationship: Saejima Taiga/Majima Goro (Yakuza)
AU: Kiryu and Nishiki run away together at the end of chapter six in Yakuza 0 (Yakuza)
AU: Majima and Kiryu meet for the first time during the events of Yakuza 0 (Yakuza)
AU: Makoto realizes who Majima is when he saves her that last time (Yakuza)
AU: Makoto tracks down Majima (Yakuza)
AU: Saejima breaks out of prison while Majima is still manager of the Grand (Yakuza)
무적자 | A Better Tomorrow (2010)
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Relationship: Lee Young-chun/Kim Hyuk (ABT 2010) AU: Lee Young-chun and Kim Hyuk and Kim Chul all survive (ABT 2010)
AU: Lee Young-chun and Kim Hyuk both survive (ABT 2010)
AU: Lee Young-chun busts Kim Hyuk out of prison (ABT 2010)
AU: The final shootout never happens (ABT 2010)


Date: 2017-07-05 06:43 am (UTC)
starianprincess: ([YJ] Wally | it's my war)
From: [personal profile] starianprincess
In Person of Interest, the tag "AU: No Machine AU: ISA Agent Shaw meets Samaritan Operative Ms Groves (Person of Interest)" looks like two tags accidentally entered together - could the nominator please confirm this is meant to be only 1 tag?

Hi! I'm not the nominator, but my understanding of the tag is that the second 'AU' is a label. Like 'High School AU' or 'Steampunk AU', the world is referred to as 'No Machine AU' and they go on to explain that it's a world where 'ISA Agent Shaw meets Samaritan Operative Ms Groves'. Does that make sense?

Date: 2017-07-05 08:06 pm (UTC)
starianprincess: ([MCU] Loki/Jane | take a chance)
From: [personal profile] starianprincess
Awesome! Glad you guys got that cleared up. :)

Date: 2017-07-05 09:07 am (UTC)
netgirl_y2k: (Default)
From: [personal profile] netgirl_y2k
Hi, the Person of Interest nominater was me again. There's an episode of the show where we see what all the characters would be doing in a world without the Machine (kind of like the wishverse in Buffy) and I meant an AU where those two characters meet within that world. I apologise if that's too specific or against the rules.

Date: 2017-07-05 10:58 am (UTC)
gehayi: (Default)
From: [personal profile] gehayi
Three AUs from the DCU seem to have ended up under the character column rather than the AU column:

AU: Barry Allen is cast out of the JLA and is adopted by the Rogues (DC Comics)
AU: Barry Allen's secret plan for defeating the evil League doppelgangers is the Rogues (DC Comics)
AU: Captain Cold has been quietly married to Wonder Woman for years and never mentioned it (DCU)

Date: 2017-07-05 05:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
And there's a couple characters who ended up in the AU column. I noticed Ashley Wilkes (GWTW-MM) and the Airwolf Helicopter, not sure if there are others.

Date: 2017-07-05 09:28 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Uh, you still haven't fixed the Harry Potter noms I mentioned:

In "Relationship: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindlewald", "Relationship: Gellert Grindlewald & Harry Potter", and "AU: Grindlewald is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor", Grindlewald should be Grindelwald.

Also Tom Riddle is listed twice: Tom Riddle (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling), Tom Riddle | Voldemort (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)

Date: 2017-07-07 08:17 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] doranwen
Under The Pretender (TV), there's an AU tag that somehow got into the wrong column (it's in with the characters and ships).


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