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Nominations are closed!

We're going to finish approving what's still in line then we'll get set up for sign ups on July 5th! See you then!

EDIT: Could the Person of Interest nominator of tags "'Relationship: Team Machine' in Person of Interest (TV)" and "AU: The Winter Soldier (Person of Interest)" please check out this question over here? Confused participant. ANSWERED

EDIT 2: Did the nominator of Naruto mean the anime or manga? ANSWERED

EDIT 3: The nomination in Narnia for "AU: Caspian & Eustace & Jill visit Bism (Chronicles of Narnia)" (as pointed out here might have the wrong character in it. I'm going to assume if no one speaks up, it was working as intended in the final tagset but here's a notice if you meant Rilian instead of Caspian!

Reminder to everyone to check out the tagset for irregularities!
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Nominations will close at 11:59pm CST on 1 July. (Countdown)

Here is how to nominate, and here is where to nominate.

  • Shadowhunters nominator, could you please help us with the following tag: "AU: 2x03 True love's kiss awakens Alec Malec accidental soulbond + parabatai (Shadowhunters)" - is this two separate AUs?

  • Each fandom needs at least 1 character or relationship and 2 AU tags nominated. Fandoms that don't have this will be removed from the tag set.

  • We will not approve 'Original Characters' as a character tag, sorry. We will approve 'Original Characters' as a character tag in a canon if they are appropriate to an AU tag nominated in that canon.
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Nominations have begun! The main nominations guide is HERE and a longer FAQ is HERE.

We are already seeing nominations that do not follow guidelines. Please make sure you use the CHARACTER field for characters and relationships only, and use the RELATIONSHIPS field for AU tags only. Tags entered in the wrong field may not be approved.

Please especially check our GUIDELINES for related fandoms and franchises.

Thank you, and we'll get to approving shortly!
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NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN! Please go and nominate your fandoms, characters/relationships, and ideas for alternate universes!

The FAQ explains how to nominate and how you’ll use nominated tags in your sign-up. Check there first if you have a question, then please ask by email ( or by comment if something’s not clear. Some nominations-specific tips:

You want to be as clear as possible what you mean with the AU - not just so the mods know what you mean, but so that someone coming along later is on the same page as you about what they’re requesting or offering.


A bit vague:
AU: Phoenix Doesn't Die (Marvel Comics)

AU: Jean Grey Is Not Killed By Xorn (Marvel Comics)

Why is this better? Clarity! There are multiple characters named Phoenix who have died multiple times. This way makes it clear which Phoenix you mean and what you want to change.

Your mods are fallible humans [or possibly a menagerie of small animals] who aren’t familiar with all canons. Please be around to answer questions if necessary, and please be willing to work with us to create tags that makes sense to most!


  • Fandom tags go in the “Fandom” field - see the FAQ for guidelines on the fandom tags for franchises

  • AU tags go in the “Relationship” field, always start with “AU:”, and include the fandom or an abbreviation at the end in brackets

  • Relationship tags, whether platonic or romantic, go in the “Character” field, always start with “Relationship:”, and include the fandom name or an abbreviation at the end in brackets

    • Romantic or sexual relationships are indicated by a slash, like Relationship: Benjamin Sisko/Kira Nerys (Star Trek Original Timeline)

    • Platonic relationships are indicated by a spaced ampersand, like Relationship: Harry & Luna & Neville (Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling)

  • Character tags go in the “Character” field, and may include the fandom name at the end in brackets if it’s a common name that could fit in several canons. [Matching is OR, so a character nominated by themselves may give rise to a work that is only about that character or has them as the only focus.]

Thank you.

EDIT: We will now be allowing you to request 20 AUs per fandom in the final sign up.

EDIT 2: Please look at the tag set! Are there any tags that don't make sense to you? Please ask about them! If you can't tell what the nominator wanted, ask now, and we can discuss a tag that ensures everyone's on the same page. We know that if people interpret a tag very differently, sadness can ensue.


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