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Jan. 16th, 2017 04:43 am
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What is Alternate Universe Exchange (AUex)?

It's an exchange focused on doing alternate universes, canon divergences, and what ifs of existing canons.

What was the almost name?

Coulda Woulda Shoulda which you are totally welcome to call this.

What's the time frame we're looking at?

Nominations: 22nd June to 2nd July
Sign Ups: 9th July to 22nd July
Assignments: 26th July
Deadline: 17th September
Archive Opens: 24th September
Author Reveals: 1st October

Is this an art exchange? Will we be matched on pairings?

No and optional.
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Upon the advice of Yuletide Chat and my chief adviser, a small guinea pig named Morbane, I've realized that the tagging system I was considering won't really work that well.

Instead, building on the World Building Exchange model, this is the current suggestion (again, thank Morbane and worldbuildingmod for this):

In the tag set, the Fandom field will be used for Fandoms.

Ex: Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis

The Character field will be used for single characters, romantic and gen relationships, and groups:

Lucy Pevensie
Group: Dryads
Group: King Frank/Queen Helen
Group: Lucy Pevensie & Edmund Pevensie

The Relationship field will be used for AU types and scenarios:

AU: England aware of Narnia after events of Magician's Nephew
AU: Aslan is not a god
AU: Regency Fusion

Matching will be done on an OR basis, so that your creator would only have to have offered ONE of your requested characters and ONE of your requested AUs to match to you.

This does present a problem if someone matches you on an AU tag clearly meant for character A, when you offered and matched on character B! But I think this is the most workable solution yet.

Some AU tags will work for lots of characters or groups - some will only work for very specific characters or groups. It's up to people making nominations to ensure that their characters and AU tags play nicely together, and up to people making requests to ensure at least one of their character nominations can match one of their AU requests. For example: if all of your requested characters are from Far Past Era, and all of your requested AU tags are What If Something Different Happened In Far Future Era, you may not be matchable!

If anyone has any ideas/feedback (and thanks to everyone who helped me last time, I really appreciated it!) now is the time to speak up.
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Some of you have noticed that the definitions between them is either fuzzy or malnourished.

The good news is that by the time the exchange opens, that shall be cleared up.

Right now the process involves an elaborate spreadsheet with traits associated with each which will turn into a document which will turn into a concise explanation with clear examples.

It would actually be super helpful if people could pm me or comment with their favourite au types, to help me properly sort things (outside feedback is very useful) and make sure everyone has the smoothest experience possible this summer!
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  • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

    • In Marvel Comics, there was an entire series based off this concept called What If? A Canon Divergence AU can be a change in the timeline, a change in someone's abilities, or characters present/absent. Examples of Canon Divergence below:

      • What if Xavier was an empath instead of a telepath?

      • What if Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Palpatine had died in the ship crash?

      • What if Snape had died before Harry started school?

      • What if Nick Fury had lost the OTHER eye?

      • What if Lore had successfully replaced Data?

      • What if Prince Eric had actually married Ursula?

      • What if Mewtwo hadn't erased everyone's memories?

  • Alternate Universe - Fusion

    • A combining of two or more fandoms (this is VERY similar to the Alternate Universe - Setting Change but fandom specific.) Examples below:

      • Characters from CSI having daemons a la His Dark Materials

      • Scully attends the FBI School of Wizarding, only to find our her lab partner thinks that it isn't fairies, it's aliens

      • Mothra must fall in love with the beautiful young man Godzilla so that he turns back into an enormous fire-breathing lizard and frees Mothra from the castle full of enchanted singing furniture

  • Alternate Universe - Inspired By

    • DC Comics had their own line about this one too, called Elseworlds! It takes the idea of a character or a world, and goes in its own direction. Examples below:

      • The Joker is a girl who is a fun loving anarchist and a hero of the people

      • Wonder Woman is an actress playing Wonder Woman in the real world fighting to keep her co-workers from being blacklisted as communists during the Red Scare. No one has superpowers

      • The X-Men are a group of fairytale creatures that help a man on his quest

  • Alternate Universe - Setting Change

    • Similar to a fusion, but not fandom specific. It takes characters from their own setting and changes it entirely. Examples below:

      • Little Women - IN SPACE

      • Medieval CSIs

      • Steampunk Batman

      • DS9, everyone's favourite coffee shop

      • Mulan goes to high school

    There is definitely overlap! Be clear in your prompts what you're looking for.

    Our tagset is located here.


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